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Pablo Albo

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Paco Sordo

PACO SORDO has more than a decade of experience working in comics, animation, advertising, and books including Fire Truck to the Rescue! and the Tales of Sasha chapter book series. His clients include Nickelodeon, Rovio, Cartoon Network, and Hallmark. He lives in Madrid, Spain.

Paige Keiser

Paige Keiser grew up during the age of Saturday-morning cartoons. She’s the illustrator for several children’s books including Two Hands to Love You. She currently lives and works in Virginia.

Paige Miglio

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Pamela Munoz Ryan

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Pamela R. Levy

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Paolo Bacigalupi

Paolo Bacigalupi is the New York Times bestselling author of the highly acclaimed The Drowned Cities and Ship Breaker, a Michael L. Printz Award winner and a National Book Award finalist, as well as The Doubt Factory, Zombie Baseball Beatdown and adult novels, including The Windup Girl. The author invites you to visit his website at

Paolo Chiarinotti

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Paolo Domeniconi

PAOLO DOMENICONI studied art and worked for several years in advertising before focusing on children’s book illustration. He lives in Spilamberto, Italy.

Pascal Blanchet

Author-illustrator Pascal Blanchet was born in Trois- Rivières in 1980 and now lives in Montreal. He has a strong interest in 20th-century design, architecture, jazz, and graphic novels, which is reflected in his style of art. A self-taught illustrator, he has produced artwork for American and Canadian newspapers and magazines, with clients including Penguin Books, The San Francisco magazine, The New Yorker, and The National Post.

Pascal Campion

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Pascal Lemaitre

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