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Babette Cole

Babette Cole is the zany, inspired pen and brush behind a number of wildly popular and successful children's books. In a review of The BAD Good Manners Book (Dial), Publishers Weekly hailed her as "a connoisseur of the ridiculous." Ms. Cole lives in Lincolnshire, England.

Baby Professor

Baby Professor showcases a collection of subjects that are educational for kids to help them learn how to do something themselves, exactly how something is done or how it came about. Children love to learn through attractive visuals and Baby Prof. is ideal to get your child the head start he or she needs for the future. Our Motto - "Learning is Fun, so let's Make it Fun to Learn."

Bagram Ibatoulline

<b>Bagram Ibatoulline</b> is the illustrator of <i>The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, </i>as well as <i>On the Blue Comet </i>by Rosemary Wells; <i>Thumbelina </i>retold by Brian Alderson; <i>The Animal Hedge </i>by Paul Fleischman; Hans Christian Andersen's <i>The Tinderbox </i>and <i>The Nightingale, </i>both retold by Stephen Mitchell; <i>The Serpent Came to Gloucester</i> by M. T. Anderson; and <i>Hana in the Time of the Tulips </i>by Deborah Noyes. He lives in Pennsylvania.

Balarinji Studio

Balarinji Studio is Australia’s leading indigenous art and design group.

Bali Engel

Bali Engel is a french freelance director & Illustrator based in London. She co-founded the multi award winning animation studio BAT collective with co-director Mat Landour. They work for advertising and short films ona variety of mediums ranging from 3D animation, 2D animation to live action/mixed media. She has published several children's picture books in France and the United states and worked for editorial illustration. She graduated from an M.A course in Animation at the Royal College of Art 2009 She is represented as Bat Collective at Passion Pictures, Paris, Melbourne, Nomint for US and UK, Tendril for Canada. (Bio via

Baljinder Kaur

Baljinder Kaur is an illustrator and storyteller. She enjoys observing, exploring, and expressing the simple joys and often seemingly ordinary details of life around her through mixed media. FAUJA SINGH KEEPS GOING is her first trade picture book. Learn more about her work at

Bao Luu

Bao Luu was born in Vietnam and currently lives in the United States. As an artist, he focuses on color and texture in his unique illustrations. He is honored to be illustrating <i>The Seed of Compassion</i>. Learn more at https: //

Bao Phi

Bao Phi was born in Vietnam and raised in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. He is an author, a poet, a community organizer, and a father.

Baptiste Paul

Baptiste Paul grew up in St. Lucia, where he walked up mountain roads barefoot or wearing cracked rubber shoes that burned his feet. His steps eventually led him to earn degrees in environmental and political science from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. He now lives in Wisconsin, and this is his second book for children. His debut, The Field, was published by NorthSouth books. Visit him online at

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