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Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau is the grandson of famed sea explorer Jacques Cousteau, and a third-generation ocean explorer and filmmaker. He has worked

Fabien Lambert

FABIEN LAMBERT is a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer ofchildren’s books. He lives in Nantes, France

Fabio Laguna

Fabio Laguna is an illustrator. His works include Frosty the Snowman, Belle is My Babysitter, and A Cake to Bake.

Fabricio VandenBroeck

<b>Fabricio VandenBroeck</b> has illustrated several books for children, including <i>The Mouse Bride</i> (Alfred A. Knopf), <i>The Witches

Faith Erin Hicks

Faith Erin Hicks is a writer and artist in Vancouver, BritishColumbia. Her graphic novels include the Nameless City trilogy,Friends with Boy

Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold was born in Harlem, but now divides her time between New Jersey and La Jolla, California. She is a professor of fine art at t

Falynn Koch

<b>Falynn Koch</b> was born and raised in Buffalo NY and loves to travel the US and the world with her husband and occasionally her dogs to

Fanny Britt

<b>Fanny Britt</b> is a playwright, author and translator. She has a dozen plays to her credit. She has also translated over fifteen contemp