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Gabby Dawnay

<b>Gabby Dawnay</b> is a writer and poet. She is a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine and a scriptwriter for children's television.

Gabe Soria

Gabe Soria has written for Cartoon Network Books and is an author for BOOM! Comics.

Gabi Garcia

Gabi Garcia is a mama, licensed professional counselor and picture book author. She spent the last 20 years serving children K-12 as a schoo

Gabi Snyder

Gabi Snyder is a fan of the unexpected. Her love of dogs, counting, and unusual modes of transportation inspired her debut picture book, TWO

Gabi Swiatkowska

<b>Gabi Swiatkowska</b> has illustrated one other picture book, <i> Hannah's Bookmobile Christmas </i>by Sally Derby. She lives in Brooklyn,

Gabriel Alborozo

<b>Gabriel Alborozo</b> previously worked as a cartoonist for such magazines as <i>Private Eye </i>and <i>Punch</i>, but his first love is

Gabriel Arquilevich

<b>Gabriel Arquilevich</b> was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a child of Argentinian immigrants, a child the '70s. A lifelong t

Gabriela Tylesova

Gabriela Tylesova has won international acclaim for her costume and set designs across the full spectrum of the arts, including theater, ope

Gabriele Clima

GABRIELE CLIMA, a writer and illustrator for children and teens, lives in Italy and is a member ofdell’ICWA, the Italian

Gabriella Matta

Gabriella Matta is an illustrator. Her works include All Dressed Up, Christmas in the Castle, and Cinderella’s Golden Locks.