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Mabel Lucie Attwell

<b>Mabel Lucie Attwell</b> (1879-1964) was a much loved British illustrator whose artwork holds a unique appeal to both children and adults.

Mac Barnett

Mac Barnett is the coauthor of the Terrible Two series and the author of many picture books, which have won multiple Caldecott Honors.

Maciek Albrecht

<b>Maciek Albrecht</b> is the founder of Magik Animation Studios and an award-winning producer of animated films for <i>Sesame Street, </i>

MacKenzie Haley

<br><b>MacKenzie Haley </b>is an illustrator, runner, and cat whisperer who currently resides in Louisville, KY. She has completed two full

Mackenzie Porter

Mackenzie Porter is a mom, wife, author, and blogger who loves writing books inspired by her family. She works full time in a child abuse pr

Macky Pamintuan

Macky Pamintuan was born and raised in Davao, a city in the southern Philippines. As a young child, drawing was his favorite pastime and an

Madalina Andronic

Madalina Andronic is a Romanian illustrator currently based in Puglia, Italy, drawing inspiration from traditional fairy tales, folklore, tr

Maddie Frost

MADDIE FROST quickly discovered a love and talent for scanning paper then digitally cutting the pieces into layers. Her results are rich and

Maddie Johnson

Maddie Johnson is a San Francisco-based creative director, filmmaker, animal lover, and mom to Pickles and Dill. Follow all of their crazy a

Maddie Ziegler

Madison Nicole Ziegler, born in Pittsburgh, is an award-winning professional dancer, actress, fashion designer, and New York Times bestselli

Maddox Lyons

<b>Maddox Lyons</b> is a transgender boy who lives in California with his parents, sister, two dogs, and two pet rats. He does advocacy and