Looking for a gift for a first time grandma?

Gift now

She's making the transition from mom to grandma and you can bet she's thrilled. To show your love for grandma-to-be, give her the gift she can enjoy with her grandbaby that will make a long-term difference!

Grandma-Baby Bonding

Reading together in person (or via skype if necessary!) provides grandma and baby with a great bonding activity!

Long-Term Investment

Gift grandma a way to invest in their grandbaby other than a trust! Being read to early on makes a major difference in a child's academic and social success. Grandma can help!

Grandma's Happiness

For a first time grandma that can't always be with her grandchild in person, a monthly addition to her children's book library is a way to stay connected.

What's in a box?

Each Bookroo Box comes packed with 2-3 beautifully-wrapped curated books and an insert detailing the highlights of each book.