Looking for a gift for a new grandmother?

Gift now

Give her the gift of quality time with her grandbaby and the tools to have an impact through early reading. Give her Bookroo—the perfect gift for new grandmothers!

Quality Time

With grandbaby snuggled close, grandma wil be in heaven as she bonds and reads aloud. Not there in person? She can read via video chat!

Early Impact

Being read to from infancy helps a child's brain develop, preparing them for future success academically, financially and socially. Grandma can help!

Future Investment

This may not be her only grandbaby! Bookroo books are a gift that last through the years and can be enjoyed by grandma with all her grandchildren.

What's in a box?

Each Bookroo Box comes packed with 2-3 beautifully-wrapped curated books and an insert detailing the highlights of each book.