Looking for a gift for new grandparents?

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It's important to remember that the first time a grandchild is born, so is a grandparent! With the instant bond that forms, grandparents love nothing better than to spend time with their grandchildren, making a Bookroo subscription THE PERFECT gift for a new grandparent.

Bookroo provides an opportunity (reading!) for grandparents and grandkids to interact and bond together from Day 1!

By reading to their grandchildren from an early age, grandparents can contribute to their future success (academically, socially, and financially)!

Grandma's Happiness

Grandparents will be able to enjoy their growing library with each new grandchild—not just the first!

What's in a box?

Each Bookroo Box comes packed with 2-3 beautifully-wrapped curated books and an insert detailing the highlights of each book.