Looking for the perfect grandma to be gift?

Gift now

You can be sure that grandma to be is pleased as punch about her new grandbaby! Help her make a smooth transition by giving her something that will help her forge a bond with her grandbaby right from the start! Give her Bookroo—the ideal Grandma to be gift!

Baby-Ready Grandma

She's probably anticipating this baby as much as the parents are! Help her with some of the fun prep of getting her house ready for baby by building her children's book library.

Bonding with Baby

Love will immediately bond grandma and baby, but research shows that reading is one of the activities that best facilitates bonding right from the start.

Stay Connected

Not all grandmas to be can look forward to unlimited time with baby. A monthly addition to her book collection is a great way to help grandma stay connected.

What's in a box?

Each Bookroo Box comes packed with 2-3 beautifully-wrapped curated books and an insert detailing the highlights of each book.