Books to Love this month from Bookroo

Board Books

Hatch, Miss Bunny's Shapes, and Jungle Animals


Help baby animals hatch as you lift-the-flap in this adorably illustrated book that has both a unique shape and take on learning about eggs! Mini scientists and parents alike may learn (or relearn!) something new about all the different creatures that start off in eggs!

Even Superheroes Have To Sleep

This adorable book features members of various "professions" with cute rhymes and punchy, modern illustrations who do great things and then need some rest! We love all the synonyms for sleep used in the book!

Jungle Animals

Short, and sweet, this simple book about jungle animals has interesting subtle textures on each page for little fingers to explore while identifying the animal on each page. Add animal noises for extra fun!

Picture Books

Little Home Bird and Hop Along Boo, Time for Bed

Little Home Bird

This sweet story about what “home” means and coping with change follows Little Bird on his journey south through gorgeous watercolor explosions. The fact that the journey and its resolution are both emotional as well as physical helps the story resonate deeply and the seasonal timing opens the opportunity for discussions about migration in the world around us!

Hop Along Boo, Time for Bed

This charming bedtime story journeys all around as different children (and animals!) move towards sleep. The combination of the lullaby-esque rhyming and illustrations that are simultaneously whimsical and classically charming is soothing and the perfect addition to any time you’re looking to calm the troops, even just a bit!