How to make each book page AMAZING!

Bookroo is all about helping people find great books. We'll be working on adding ratings etc. but we could really use your assistance helping people immediately fall in love with your book by adding extra content.

What can you do to spruce up each of your book pages? Read our suggestions below.

Images, images, images

Each book can have an image gallery. This gallery would ideally include interiors from the book itself, as well as process images to show the creation! These should be between 600 - 800px wide.


Make your book more easily found by search and topic by defining keywords, themes and topics for each book. You can select up to 10 relevant topics from our list. If you have a new category to suggest, please let us know!

Insights: Q & A

Answer a few questions about each book to give readers young and old some insights into your process and the book itself. Some examples of questions you could answer could include (but are of course not limited to!):

  • Where did you originally get the idea for [this book]?
  • Were there any pivotal changes that your story/illustrations underwent throughout the writing/editing process?
  • What do you hope children enjoy about your character [character's name]?
  • What is your favorite thing about [this book/this book's main character]?
  • What guides or references did you use while creating the illustrations for [this book]?
  • Are there any details of [this book] that you particularly love that readers should watch for?
  • What part of creating [this book] did you most enjoy?
  • During which stage of the ideation/creation process did you know that this particular idea was going to go somewhere?
  • Did you have a specific audience in mind when you created [this book]?
  • What was the hardest part about creating [this book]?
  • Did a particular person/animal inspire the creation of [your main character]?
  • What would you say is the primary message of [this book]?
  • When was your favorite time reading [this book] aloud? Why?

Check for accuracy

We do our best to make sure all entries are accurate, so please let us know if you see any errors in your book listing. Please particularly check the publication date!

Book quizzes

We'll soon be adding the ability to link a book quiz to a book page. (Check out some of our already created book quizzes here.) We'd LOVE to include a book quiz for your book! To create a quiz send us 7 - 15 multiple choice questions about your book, including the question and 4 answers, including 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect answers, the correct answer listed first.

Send us image files, answers to book interview questions, and book quiz questions to [email protected]

If you have any questions or concerns about your content or how it is displayed, let us know.