Meet the New Bookroo
Children's Book Platform

We're absolutely thrilled to be introducing our new chidren's book platform! Learn more about what from some frequently asked questions.

What is Bookroo?

In the past, Bookroo has purely been a monthly subscription for children that helps them fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new treasured book, aimed at helping families build their library with books that are hidden gems rather than already widely popular books. We have a board book box (for kids ages 0-3), a picture book box (for kids ages 2-6) and a chapter book box (for kids 7-10).

Bookroo subscription

Bookroo is now adding to that offering by building out our children's book platform ( as another way to help people find quality books (regardless of whether or not they're subscribed to Bookroo).

cms homepage

What is the purpose of the Bookroo Children's Book Platform?

The primary purpose is to help more people discover quality books and promote a love of reading!

One of our goals for this platform is to do a lot more to highlight authors and illustrators. By working with creatives to add unique content to their personal pages and featuring select creatives on the platforms homepage, readers will be able to discover new creatives and their work, and feel connected to them.

cms homepage

How does buying books on the Bookroo Children's Book Platform work?

Currently, if someone wants to buy one of the books, we're just sending them to retailers like Amazon, although we hope to sell directly through publishers and/or bring more of it in-house in the future as well.

Are you an author or illustrator?

This section covers how you can add content to your creative profile. The basic components of a creative profile are:

  • Profile image (~600x600px)
  • Background banner image (1200x360px)
  • About section
  • Website
  • Social media links

author 1

Some more advanced components of a creative profile include gallery images of workspace and process

author 2

and answers to interview questions.

author 3

Learn more about how to create an awesome personal creative page and fantastic book pages.

How to update a creative page

Fill out the following Google forms. At this stage, we update everything manually from the information provided, so it will take a day or so for changes to go live.

Add Basic Profile Info (Profile and Background Images, About Section, Website and Social)

Add Gallery Images

Answer Interview Questions

Add New Books

Improve an Existing Book Listing: Add gallery images, insights, and topics