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11 of the best book quotes about crush
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    “I wish again that I could talk to my mom about this. I want to ask her why I get breathless when I think of him. I want to share my giddiness with her. I want to tell her all the funny things Olly says. I want to tell her how I can’t make myself stop thinking about him even though I try. I want to ask her if this is the way she felt about Dad at the beginning.”
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    “Olly’s rejection has made me feel like a little girl again. It reminded me why I stopped paying attention to the world before.”
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    “Actually, mine’s not blank at all, but I really can’t tell him how beautiful his eyes are. They’re Atlantic Ocean blue, just like he’d said. It’s strange because of course I’d known that. But the difference between knowing it and seeing them in person is the difference between dreaming of flying and flight.”
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    “I sneak a glance at him from behind my hand. Here is someone who truly does come from another planet - a planet where all humans are perfectly formed and have amazing hair.”
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    “Humiliated best friend always takes precedence over cute guy.”
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    “Why is it that the one time a cute guy talks to you, you have a friend who’s in crisis?”
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    “When I had that attack of pleurosis - he asked me what was the matter when I came back. I said pleurosis he thought that I said Blue Roses! So that’s what he always called me after that. Whenever he saw me, he’d holler, ‘Hello, Blue Roses!”
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    “Girls like good-looking guys, and I am not very good-looking. In fact, I sort of look like a pudding.”
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    “Look, I was an idiot. I didn’t want people to think that I had a crush, so I decided to give everyone the impression that I truly, honestly hated Madison Harter. For no reason. Just thinking about this makes me want to punch myself in the eyeball.”
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    “He kisses me once more, on my forehead this time, and then he’s gone. And I know I am young, and fairly inexperienced where men are concerned, but I am positive that even when I am 90 years old I’ll still remember exactly what it feels like to have his lips on my skin.”
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    “Up and down lost all meaning. Her world became a violent tumble-dryer, an endless, crashing kaleidoscope.”