Rachel Inbar


Rachel wrote her first book(let), You're Yucky in Some Ways, as a furious note to her parents for going out to eat and leaving her at home. She was six. Her parents didn't get the fury and roared with laughter. Disappointed but determined, she continued to write throughout her childhood and teens. At 16, Rachel moved from the US to Israel to pursue a college education. It ended up taking a little longer than she expected. 25 years after she started studying Nursing, her husband and two of her six children were there as she received her BA in Social Sciences. During the past 20 years, Rachel has authored numerous medical articles, crafted tens of stories, and written dozens of phenomenally fascinating user guides. It was only after relocating to Austria that she found time to focus on her personal writing career. Orange Sparkles was her first full-length fiction book, followed very quickly by Blue Sparkles, due to popular demand for MORE. In the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, Rachel continues to learn German and admire the incredible scenery. When she's not writing, she's reading, doodling, solving logic problems, doing jigsaw puzzles, trying out another craft, or practicing her medical research skills. She is fluent in English and Hebrew and can get by in German if she must.


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