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Would you like to have your children's book reviewed by our editors and even featured on our book discovery platform?

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Bookroo's team of editors is known for discovering hidden gems and helping them reach a wider audience. If you have a children's book—picture book or board book—you'd like us to review, we'd love to take a look!

Our reviews are informed by our years of experience combing through thousands and thousands of books to find amazing books that aren't yet on people's bookshelves. Each review is around 200 words. We dedicate approximately half of the review to summarizing the book and half of the review to identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Visit our review page to find examples of our reviews.

As you can see, we're very sincere and straightforward in our reviews! Our community of parents, educators, librarians, and book lovers trusts us to help discover the best kids' books. So we call ‘em like we see ‘em.

Dominique DeSerres
“I am very happy with my Bookroo experience. I was hoping that the reviewers would ‘get’ my book, and I feel that they were attentive and very fair in their review.”
— Dominique DeSerres, author of Golf Through the Eyes of a Child

Discovery Platform

In addition to offering you an informed, insightful review of your book, we can also help you share it with a larger audience through our one-of-a-kind children's book discovery platform.

If we positively rate your story (a 4 or above on our Bookroo rating system), we will also feature your book with its own premium page on our platform, which receives over 2 million visitors each month.

You will be given an opportunity to submit additional information about your book to include on its page, and we will also tag your book as appropriate to help it appear on our book lists and even be considered for our Bookroo Badges!

Get Reviewed

Our review service costs $325 $199, and your book will be reviewed in just 3 weeks from when we receive it! Review copies can be submitted digitally, but for any book that is featured on our discovery platform, two physical copies must also be submitted when the book has been published.

Send us an email to get started!


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