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Meet the Bookroo Crew

Hi there! We wish we could greet you in person, but most likely we're doing mom things, like keeping our kids alive. If you catch us in a good moment, that means we're snuggled up with our kids reading stacks of books and eating some ice cream straight from the carton. If you catch us in a not-so-good moment... well, you know how that goes ;)

But what you should know about us, is we're three sisters-in-law, brought together not only by our husbands, but also our LOVE of reading. We're passionate about building our own libraries and our children's love of reading. Bookroo is our little way of helping other families do the same.

— xoxo Rebecca, Jane, and Tiffany

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Our Mission

We believe, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did that:

“It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own.”

Our mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children's book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. We believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!

Our Story

Tiffany and her husband were living in a studio in New York City when they had their first son. To prepare for the baby, Tiffany had picked out five books--classics, like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar--and remembered thinking, “Five books for a newborn? That’s lots!” But then she and her husband started reading the books to their baby every day. And reading them. And re-reading them. And it didn’t take long to realize, “Hey, we need some more books!”

But it was harder to grow their library than Tiffany thought. There weren’t as many bookstores as she’d expected in easy walking distance, nor was a trip to a bookstore with a munchkin in tow always as idyllic as anticipated. Turning to online sources, she found it time intensive to sift through the plethora of children’s books available, and even after finding something she thought her son might like, she always felt like hitting the buy button was still a little bit of a gamble. She realized that there had to be a better way to build her son’s library without such hassle yet still be sure to get really great books!

Teaming up with her sisters-in-law Jane and Rebecca, the three of them set out to build Bookroo to meet exactly this need: to make it convenient for parents and magical for kids to fall in love with reading and grow their book collections!


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