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For elementary through high school teachers
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Google Classroom
Integrates with Google Classroom
  • Replaces paper reading logs.
  • Uses the physical books already in your classroom & school libraries. Supports millions of books and custom entries.
  • Validates reading with custom teacher assessments or book quizzes powered by our Dynamic Quiz System.
  • Fosters a culture of reading through a digital class bulletin & reading challenges.
  • Saves time and informs teachers with automated reading reports.
A true love of reading stems from connecting with the right books. Bookroo helps you develop your students' reading strength by providing you tools to track, assess, and motivate reading.

How Does It Work for Teachers?

A short story by Bookroo
Searching for a better way to track, assess, and motivate reading, Mrs. Gold discovers Bookroo. She creates a new class and shares login information with her students in a matter of minutes.
As her students begin regularly recording their reading on the platform, Mrs. Gold receives automated reports of their reading on her teacher dashboard. These reports show
  • Summaries of books being read,
  • Detailed reading logs, and
  • Graphs of reading level progression.
On her dasboard, Mrs. Gold also finds tools to assess her students’ reading. These include
  • Dynamic quizzes that validate reading while building critical reasoning abilities.
  • Custom assessments, so Mrs. Gold can create her own quizzes to accompany certain books, like the class book.
  • As students take quizzes and assessments, their scores are displayed on Mrs. Gold’s dashboard.
With better information and time saved by automating tracking and assessing, Mrs. Gold can focus on motivating her students. On her dashboard, she can
  • Access a digital reward shop,
  • Create custom rewards for reading challenges, and
  • Celebrate class reading on the class bulletin.
  • She can also help students discover amazing books to read next.
Mrs. Gold has a classroom of smarties who read more books than they ever imagined they could.

Teacher Sneak Peak

How Does It Work for Students?

The much anticipated sequel
Violet sighs as she happily turns the last page of her book that ended all too soon. Using her phone or computer, she logs in to her student account and scans the book’s barcode to open the book on the platform.
In just a few clicks and keystrokes, Violet:
  • Marks the book as read
  • Rates the book (it was great!)
  • Writes a short review
  • Takes the book quiz
Violet’s actions result in a cascade of reactions
  • She earns 1000 points to use in a digital shop.
  • The class reading challenge is updated.
  • Her book is added to the digital class bulletin.
  • Her stats are updated on the teacher dashboard.
Violet feels motivated to read more as she
  • Sees how she is progressing on her personal challenge.
  • Sees how the class is progressing on their class challenge.
  • Sees her personal reading stats and feels proud of how many books she’s read.
  • Earns points & gems to unlock digital collectibles.
Violet discovers new books when
  • Her classmate finishes a book and rates it highly.
  • She uses the platform’s discovery tools to explore books by topic, genre, or difficulty.
  • She browses the digital class bulletin to see what books are popular in her class.
  • She explores books that are similar to a book she just finished.
In need of a new book, Violet scans her Want to Read list to select her next book. When she finds just the book, she closes her device, walks to the class bookshelves, puts said book in her hand, and cozies down for another adventure.

Student Sneak Peak

Simple Pricing



  • Receive a personal reading dashboard
  • Record their reading activity
  • Take book quizzes
  • Earn points to redeem digital rewards
  • Get personalized book recommendations
  • Sync with family accounts


  • Earn money for class with book fairs
  • View basic classroom reading stats
  • Add up to 35 students
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Students & Teachers

  • Everything in the Classroom plan


  • View digital reading logs
  • Access automated reading level progress charts
  • Review book quiz results
  • Create, assign, and grade custom teacher assessments
  • Create individual and classroom reading challenges
  • Add multiple administrators
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Students & Teachers

  • Everything in the Classroom Plus plan

Teachers & Administrators

  • School/District administrator accounts
  • School/District summary reports
  • Multi-classroom challenges
  • Multi-classroom book fairs
  • Unlimited student accounts
  • Minimum of 100 students
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