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What is Bookroo?

Bookroo is a monthly kids book club subscription for ages 0-12. Each month, Bookroo sends your child a box of books—yours to keep—that you’ll love reading again and again! In our Board, Picture, and Junior Chapter subscriptions, we send Bookroo Collection Editions (only available to Bookroo subscribers!) of our favorite books from publishers that look beautiful on your shelves.
Bookroo also provides reading software for schools to help classrooms track, motivate, assess, and reward students.

What are Bookroo Collection Edition books?

Bookroo Collection Editions are special edition versions of children's books curated across a range of top publishers and redesigned as a beautiful, continuous set exclusively for Bookroo Book Club subscribers.

These custom books feature two core improvements. First, each book type has a uniform height, making it simple for families to keep bookshelves organized and inviting. Second, the collections have been designed with coordinated spines. These integrated spine designs make it easy for kids to pull off and reshelve their favorite books while keeping the books amazingly organized and polished on the shelf. This allows us to offer a reading experience almost identical to the originals with the same covers and interiors, while upgrading the shelf experience to a level of modern chic elegance.

Bookroo Collection Editions are exclusive, limited edition books available only to subscribers, and are offered to Bookroo's Board Book Club (for ages 0-3), Picture Book Club (for ages 3-6) and Junior Chapter Book Club (for ages 7-10).

How many books come in a Bookroo Box?

Board book boxes come with three books. All other boxes come with two books.

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 15th of months to which you are subscribed. If you sign up before the 5th of the month, your subscription will renew on the upcoming 15th. If you sign up on or following the 5th of the month, your subscription will renew on the 15th of the following month. To check when your subscription will renew, you can log into youraccount page.

When will my Bookroo Box arrive?

We ship most boxes the week following the 15th of every month via USPS Media Mail, and boxes reach their destination typically within 6-9 business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your box is shipped. Add to your contacts, to ensure our messages don’t go to spam. If you sign up for your first Bookroo box between the 15th of one month and the 4th of the following month (for example, between February 15th and March 4th), your box will be shipped by the following weekend, with the next box shipping the week following the 15th of the month.

How do you decide which books to send?

For our Board and Picture Book Clubs, our goal is to send hidden gems rather than classics. For our Chapter Book Clubs, we send one hidden gem and one admired favorite per box. Our books are chosen by our in-house reading experts in consultation with librarians, parents and kids alike to help your child build their library, discover new books, and fall in love with reading. We’re focused on books with high quality illustrations, stories, messages and re-readability! Our monthly boxes include a flyer that provides a QR code that links to our digital book platform with more information about each book. Because we know it’s important for parents to be aware and engaged, our chapter book pages contain information and talking points to help you know what your child will be reading, so you can relax, knowing we’ve carefully selected kid-friendly books. To see past boxes visit our past boxes page.

How do I update my payment information?

Update your payment information by logging into your Account Dashboard. Select the club you want to update, then click the edit (pencil) icon next to “Payment method.”

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send an email to and we'll get you all sorted out! If you give us feedback on what would make Bookroo a better fit for your family, we’d be extremely grateful! You must request cancellation of your account by 11:59pm PST on the 15th of the month in order to not receive that month’s box. If you have more questions about canceling, please visit our Help Center.

What if I get a book I already have?

Bookroo Collection Editions are so beautiful, we’re pretty sure you’re going to want all of your favorites in this gorgeous new format, although because we’re focused on sending hidden gems, you’re unlikely to get copies of books you already own. Our experience has been that even community members with extensive libraries have discovered new books through Bookroo!

What age range is Bookroo appropriate for?

Bookroo has book clubs for kids ages 0-12. Board books are more durable and better for younger children (approximately ages 0-3). Picture books, in all honesty, are basically loved by all ages, but we gear our box towards children 3 to 6 years old. Our Junior chapter book box is best for children ages 7-10, though it also brings joy to readers of all ages. Our Middle Grade chapter book box is geared towards readers ages 9-12.

How do I continue getting Bookroo boxes after my gift subscription ends?

Login to your account, and then go through the normal checkout process. The new subscription will be added to your old account.

What if I have children in multiple ranges?

Lucky you! Consider getting each of them their own subscription (yay!), so that they can each have a box addressed to them (and you start building your library even faster with Bookroo Collection Edition books). You can also set up an alternating subscription between clubs, or set your account up to receive books every other month.. ***Bonus tip: If you have 2 subscriptions going to the same address, we have a special code that will give you 15% off the second subscription in perpetuity! To get your 15% off, email after you complete your purchase.

Do you offer international shipping?

We offer shipping to anywhere within the United States.

Which of your book box clubs are available with Bookroo Collection Editions?

Our Board, Picture, and Junior Chapter Book subscriptions are available as Bookroo Collection Editions. The Middle Grade Chapter Book subscription does NOT send Bookroo Collection Edition books (yet!).

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