Book quizzes to validate and assess reading

Replace your old quizzing software with a modern, flexible, and more powerful solution
Classoom Reading

Tools to validate reading

Book Quizzes

Combines traditional multiple choice style quiz questions with opportunities for critical reasoning. This is done through a combination of prompting students to verify their reading by answering existing questions and using their reasoning skills to create new questions.

  • Dynamic Pre-made Quizzes
  • Supports All Books
  • Reviewed and Edited by Experts
  • Informative Teacher Reports
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Custom Assessments

Create your own quizzes and exams for your students. If you are reading a book as a class, you can create a unique assessment for each portion of the book (e.g., The Book Thief Chps 1-6). Assign exams to the whole or partial class.

  • Highly Flexible
  • Auto & Manual Grading
  • Free Response & Multiple Choice Questions
  • Database of Existing Questions
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Getting Started With Book Quizzes

Mark a book as read
Students can record their progress through a book or simply mark it as read. Teachers can see each student’s reading activity in a Digital Reading Log.
Start a quiz
Answer questions
Provide feedback
Write questions
What about a new book?
Viewing the results
Teacher Dashboard

Getting Started With Custom Assessments

Start an assessment
Create an exam, assign it to a student, and set the exam live. Share the link with your students, or let them access it directly from their Reader Dashboard.
Answer questions
Easy exam builder
Grade and provide feedback
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Bookroo vs
Accelerated Reader

How does Bookroo compare to Accelerated Reader?
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Reading Tools for Modern Classrooms

Tools to track, assess, and motivate classroom reading
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