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Middle Grade Book Club

Books for kids ages 9-12
Middle Grade books are in their original publisher formats and not part of the Bookroo Collection Editions.
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Our middle grade chapter book box comes with two books and is for readers ready for higher word counts, complex stories, and advanced vocabularies. The featured books typically have 250-350 pages, and each box includes an insert highlighting the books. *NOT part of our Bookroo Custom Collection Editions. (But Custom Editions are coming, and subscribers will have first access to the limited supply!)

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    Receive monthly book deliveries. Our delightful book deliveries make books and reading exciting for your child.
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    Spend more time reading. Fresh reading material + more free time for reading = best decision ever.
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    Grow a beautiful library. As you stay subscribed, our Bookroo Collection Editions help you grow a beautiful library.
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I have purchased several Bookroo subscriptions. It’s the easiest and best present to give to littles and their parents enjoy getting new books every month.

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Curated Books from Publishers

Selecting books is our #1 priority. We filter through thousands of books to send you our favorites. After years of sending monthly boxes, the message from our subscribers is loud and clear—they love our curation!

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Beautiful, Custom Edition Designs

Our books are specialty printed and exclusive to our subscribers. The books’ custom spines and uniform height make for a beautiful shelf experience you'll want to display prominently in your home, keeping story time front of mind.

Limited edition books
Designed by experts

Save Time & Money

Not only are our books expertly curated and beautifully designed, but you can also save up to 47% off retail when you subscribe. Prioritize your kids' reading with a fresh set of books each month.

Yours to keep. No hidden fees.
Save up to 47% off retail

Integrated with our Digital Book Platform

Each book we send integrates with our online digital book platform. Learn more about the authors and illustrators, take quizzes, record reading, unlock digital rewards and get personalized recommendations.

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How We Select
Children’s Books

Most people are only familiar with a small number of children’s books—classics from their own childhoods or a few top sellers. While these titles can be terrific, they’re also a very limited part of the wonderful universe of children’s books.

We wanted to find and send books beyond this small handful, so we created the world’s largest platform dedicated entirely to children’s books to discover amazing books by talented authors and illustrators that will become treasured favorites. We call these books our “hidden gems,” and we help families fill their bookcases with them.

Through our platform, we have access to thousands and thousands of children’s books. We combine this broad reach with in-depth reviews, ratings, and feedback from parents, kids, educators, and experts with decades of experience to finalize each month’s book selections.

Here are a few of our favorite books from past boxes to help you have confidence in our book curation and get a feel for the types of books you can expect to receive in your monthly deliveries.

Middle Grade Books We've Sent

For kids ages 9-12
Written by Sarah Prineas
  • middle grade Book
The Door at the End of the World
The Door at the End of the World
Written by Caroline Carlson
  • middle grade Book
Orange for the Sunsets
Orange for the Sunsets
Written and illustrated by Tina Athaide
  • middle grade Book
Caterpillar Summer
Caterpillar Summer
Written by Gillian McDunn
  • middle grade Book
Years Old
Middle Grade Book Club
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