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What Can Families Do to Encourage Reading? Host a Read-a-thon!

February 1, 2019

Sure, we all love a good Netflix binge. I hate to admit it , but I recently watched the entire season of a show in a 36 hour period. But before there was Netflix for bingeing, there were books. And they still make for a great afternoon, evening, or lazy Saturday.

Growing up, we didn’t have cable until I was 7. But one thing we loved to do was have read-a-thons. We’d get out the candy bowls, pop popcorn, get drinks, and snuggle into chair and couches with blankets and books. We’d sit there and snack and read for hours. It was perfect. Next time you’re in need of some entertainment and want to mix it up–try a read-a-thon, either by yourself, with a spouse or close friend, or with your kiddos.

Here’s what you’ll need to have the perfect read-a-thon:

Your favorite snacks.

A mixture of salty and sweet is best. Portion the snacks out so that everyone has a little bowl of everything they are interested in within easy arms’ reach. Snacks are there to enhance the reading experience, not distract from it.

A really excellent book.

Or a stack of books depending on how fast you read. Read-a-thons are the most fun when you have a real page turner, not when you’re counting the seconds.

A couple of hours of uninterrupted time.

Put away the devices. Turn off the music. Allow yourself the opportunity to escape through the printed word.

Reading gives you the opportunity to create and imagine for yourself–there’s a reason you’re always supposed to read the book before you watch the movie! Let your kids see you enjoying reading, and they’ll think it’s fun too!

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