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Question 1 of 10

Who is the subject of Hannah's 13th tape side?

  • Mr. Porter
  • Bryce Walker
  • Tyler Down
  • Jenny Kurtz

Question 2 of 10

Where did Clay and Hannah work together during the summer?

  • Crestmont Theater
  • Rosie's
  • Harmon's
  • Best Buy

Question 3 of 10

What did Ryan publish in the school newspaper?

  • A personal poem written by Hannah
  • A romantic poem he wrote about Hannah
  • A hurtful photoshopped image of Hannah
  • Hannah's number with the words, "call me for a good time"

Question 4 of 10

Who invites Clay to throw rocks at Tyler's broken window?

  • Marcus
  • Alex
  • Zach
  • Bryce

Question 5 of 10

How does the book end?

  • Clay calls Skye's name and walks toward her
  • Hannah swallows the pills and closes her eyes
  • Clay steps out of Tony's car and walks home
  • Clay finds Hannah and convinces her not to commit suicide

Question 6 of 10

Who is/are the narrator(s) of the book?

  • Clay and Hannah
  • Clay
  • The narrator is never identified
  • Clay and Tony

Question 7 of 10

What else was included with the tapes?

  • A map
  • A knife
  • Prescription meds
  • A picture

Question 8 of 10

Who or what did Jenny hit while driving her car?

  • A stop sign
  • A deer
  • She couldn't tell
  • Hannah

Question 9 of 10

What is one difference about the tape with Mr. Porter?

  • It was recorded during their conversation
  • Hannah invited Tony to record with her
  • Hannah never explicitly identified Mr. Porter
  • Hannah had the tape delivered to the principal

Question 10 of 10

Mr. Porter tells Hannah she can file charges with the police, confront the other person, or what?

  • move on
  • kill herself
  • move away
  • apologize

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