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Question 1 of 14

What does Miss Wilcox do besides teach school?

  • She writes poetry
  • She sells baked goods at the train station
  • She is a famous painter
  • She is a famous singer

Question 2 of 14

Where do Weaver and Mattie work?

  • The Glenmore Hotel
  • The local dairy
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • The train station

Question 3 of 14

Why does Royal want to marry Mattie?

  • Because of her father's land
  • Because she is so beautiful
  • Because she is a great cook
  • Because she is an amazing singer

Question 4 of 14

Why is Grace murdered?

  • Because she is pregnant with Chester's child
  • Because she saw Chester beat up Weaver
  • Because she is in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Because she knew to much about Chester's family

Question 5 of 14

Why is Emmie's land supposedly up for auction?

  • Because she has overdue taxes
  • Because she has a squatter
  • Because she did not pay for the land originally
  • Because she lost it in a card game

Question 6 of 14

Who gives the money to pay Emmie's taxes?

  • Mattie
  • Royal
  • Weaver
  • Chester Gillette

Question 7 of 14

Where does Mattie live?

  • The North Woods
  • Glen Falls
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Old Forge

Question 8 of 14

What does Mattie try to learn each day?

  • A new word from the dictionary
  • A new song to sing to Royal
  • A new recipe to cook
  • A new song on the piano

Question 9 of 14

What does Mattie's mother die of?

  • Cancer
  • She is eaten by wolves
  • Dysentery
  • Malaria

Question 10 of 14

What is Mattie's talent?

  • Writing stories
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Growing vegetables

Question 11 of 14

What does Weaver want to be when he grows up?

  • A lawyer
  • A farmer
  • A politician
  • An engineer

Question 12 of 14

Where does Mattie want to go to school?

  • Barnard College
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • Hunter College

Question 13 of 14

What name does Chester use at the Gilmore?

  • Carl Graham
  • Cassidy Greer
  • John Chesterfield
  • Robert Marshall

Question 14 of 14

What happens after the men who beat up Weaver are let out of jail?

  • They burn down his mother's house
  • They try to beat him up again
  • They shoot Mattie
  • They kidnap his sister

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