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A Passage To India
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Question 1 of 12

After leaving Major Callendar's house, where does Dr. Aziz visit?

  • A mosque
  • His mother-in-law's house
  • A bar
  • A local school

Question 2 of 12

How would you describe the relationship between the Englishmen and the Indians?

  • They are segregated and dislike each other
  • The two cultures live in harmony
  • They are jealous of one another
  • The two share the same ideals and worldview

Question 3 of 12

Cyril Fielding is different from the other Englishmen in what way?

  • He has a positive rapport with the Indians
  • He isn't as weathy as the other Englishmen
  • He is married
  • He is highly educated and informed

Question 4 of 12

What is Aziz known to do from time to time during conversation with his fellow Indians?

  • Recite poetry
  • Stare off into the distance
  • Interrupt whomever is speaking
  • Break into song and dance

Question 5 of 12

Mrs. Moore is skeptical of what?

  • Marriage as an institution
  • Love at first sight
  • Aziz and his intentions
  • Religion

Question 6 of 12

What do the Marabar Caves represent?

  • Nothingness
  • The relationship between the Englishmen and Indians
  • Democracy
  • Peace

Question 7 of 12

Cyril Fielding holds fast to what notion, despite what others think?

  • That Aziz is innocent of his accused crime
  • That Ronny and Adela shouldn't marry
  • That Englishmen and Indians shouldn't co-exist
  • That Mrs. Moore and Adela should go home

Question 8 of 12

What continues to haunt Mrs. Moore?

  • An echo she heard inside of the cave
  • A recurring nightmare
  • The sudden death of her husband
  • A fortune teller's vision

Question 9 of 12

How do the other characters view Adela?

  • They don't think she's an attractive woman
  • They think she looks like a movie star
  • They agree that she has a heart of gold
  • They speculate that she's a spy

Question 10 of 12

What country does Cyril Fielding sail to the end of the novel?

  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy

Question 11 of 12

Who did Cyril Fielding end up marrying?

  • Mrs. Moore's daughter
  • Adela
  • An Indian woman
  • His previous love from England

Question 12 of 12

What event rekindles the friendship between Cyril Fielding and Aziz?

  • A boating accident
  • The meeting of their children
  • A wedding
  • A biking accident

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