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Question 1 of 10

What happens to Louisa when she drinks a lot of wine one night after work?

  • She falls two stories down from the roof of her building
  • She misses work and loses her job
  • She misses her flight home
  • She falls down some stairs to her apartment

Question 2 of 10

Who helps Louisa find Lily?

  • Sam
  • Mrs. Traynor
  • Jack
  • Her mom

Question 3 of 10

What makes Louisa want to go looking for Lily?

  • She saw that Lily planted a garden for her
  • She realized she didn't steal her grandmother's jewelry
  • She felt bad for her
  • She wanted to do it for Will

Question 4 of 10

Why does Louisa kick Lily out of her flat?

  • She discovers her grandmother's jewelry is missing
  • She came home drunk
  • She has too many parties
  • She invites friends over without permission

Question 5 of 10

Who is Lily?

  • Will Traynor's daughter
  • Louisa's niece
  • Sam's girlfriend
  • Jake's mom

Question 6 of 10

Sam is NOT which of the following?

  • A womanizer
  • A parmedic
  • Lou's boyfriend
  • Jack's uncle

Question 7 of 10

In order for Lou to move back to her flat in London, what does her family make her agree to do?

  • Attend grief counseling sessions
  • Get a house maid
  • Call home every night
  • Attend AAA

Question 8 of 10

Where does Louisa work when the book begins?

  • At an airport in London
  • At an airport in Paris
  • At an airport in Swizterland
  • At an airport in Germany

Question 9 of 10

What does Mrs. Traynor do for Lily?

  • Enrolls her in a boarding school
  • Buys her a new wardrobe
  • Lets her borrow a car
  • Invites her to live with her

Question 10 of 10

Where does Louisa go at the end of the book?

  • New York
  • Swizterland
  • Paris
  • London

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