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Question 1 of 16

Who shoots Tris at the Weapons Lab?

  • David
  • Caleb
  • Johanna
  • Evelyn

Question 2 of 16

Who does Four notice only pretends to inject themselves with the inoculation serum?

  • Peter
  • Christina
  • Tris
  • Amar

Question 3 of 16

Who are the Allegiant?

  • A rebel group who want to reinstate old society rules
  • Special Divergents with unique genes
  • A forgotten branch of society factions
  • Rebel factionless who want to rule Erudite sector

Question 4 of 16

As tension increases, there is a fight over what item used for the Choosing Ceremony?

  • Bowls
  • Serums
  • Test results
  • Cups

Question 5 of 16

Caleb, Tris’ brother, is put on trial for what?

  • Being a traitor by assisting Jeanine
  • Leaking factionless secrets
  • Killing Jeanine
  • Running away from his faction

Question 6 of 16

What condition does Tris give if she is to join the volunteers going outside the city?

  • Caleb goes with them
  • Caleb is given amnesty and his position in society
  • Tobias stays within the city
  • Tris gets to be leader of the group

Question 7 of 16

Zoe and Amar take Tris’ group to the _____________.

  • Bureau of Genetic Welfare
  • Bureau of Serum Production
  • Bureau of Genetic Programming
  • Bureau of Serum Records

Question 8 of 16

Years ago, what did the government attempt to fix to solve society’s problems?

  • People’s genes
  • Initial the factions
  • Eliminate emotions
  • People’s memories

Question 9 of 16

What individuals were considered the most genetically pure?

  • Divergent
  • Allegiant
  • Dauntless
  • Erudite

Question 10 of 16

What do Tris’ group hope to steal from the Weapons Lab?

  • Memory serum
  • Peace serum
  • Abnegation serum
  • Initiation serum

Question 11 of 16

Why is breaking into the Weapons Lab considered a suicide mission?

  • A fatal dose of death serum guards it
  • It is surrounded by Erudite guards
  • A dose of Abnegation serum guards it
  • The lock is tripped with explosives

Question 12 of 16

What tattoo does Tori have?

  • A hawk on her neck
  • Crows on her shoulders
  • A robin on her left arm
  • A crow on her ankle

Question 13 of 16

While with Four, Tris wonders “if __________ ever really go away, or if they just lose power over us.”

  • Fears
  • Serums
  • Rules
  • Emotions

Question 14 of 16

Why does Christina want to leave the city?

  • She’s curious
  • She wants to find a cure
  • The war has become too dangerous
  • She believes her family could be there

Question 15 of 16

Four makes a final trip into his fear landscape, which of the following fears is NOT there?

  • Marcus beating him
  • Heights
  • Watching Tris die
  • Confined spaces

Question 16 of 16

What effect does the Abnegation serum have?

  • It resets memory
  • It calms
  • It kills them
  • It exposes your darkest secret

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