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Question 1 of 14

How many days is Imogene suspended from school?

  • Three
  • The rest of the semester
  • Five
  • Ten

Question 2 of 14

When Imogene was sitting in the hot tub where did she imagine she was?

  • A hermit cave
  • On the moon
  • At the prom
  • Inside an asteroid

Question 3 of 14

What happens when Imogene opens the hatch of the wooden dragon?

  • Soldiers rush out to fight
  • Fire comes out of the hatch
  • A rush of water comes out of the hatch
  • Her dad climbs out of the dragon

Question 4 of 14

What is the difference between a real pair of Sammies and a fake pair of Sammies?

  • A purple star on the heel
  • A label that says Sammies on the heel
  • A black stripe on the side
  • Real Sammies are yellow

Question 5 of 14

Where does Imogene's family work?

  • The Renaissance Festival
  • The Carnival
  • State Fair Circuits
  • The Traveling Circus

Question 6 of 14

Where does Imogene go to elementary school?

  • She is homeschooled
  • At Ren Fair Elementary
  • At Clover Field Prep Academy
  • At the local nunnery

Question 7 of 14

Who bullied Imogene?

  • Mika
  • Sarah
  • Anita
  • Jason

Question 8 of 14

Why is Imogene sent to the principal's office?

  • Her mean drawings are all over the hallways and lockers
  • She gets in a fist fight with Mika
  • She kisses Jason during science class
  • She leaves class without permission

Question 9 of 14

Where do Anita and her dad have season passes to?

  • The Renaissance Festival
  • The Opera
  • The Zoo
  • The Ballet

Question 10 of 14

What is Imogene's nickname?

  • Impy
  • Gene
  • Tiffany
  • Imo

Question 11 of 14

Who did Imogene have to give a report on in Science class?

  • Copernicus
  • Galileo
  • Hippocrates
  • Elvis

Question 12 of 14

What type of animal is Tiffany?

  • Squirrel
  • Beaver
  • Dog
  • Cat

Question 13 of 14

What talent does Imogene develop during the book?

  • Juggling
  • Piano playing
  • Tuba playing
  • Trumpet playing

Question 14 of 14

What is the name of Imogene's science teacher?

  • Dr MacGregor
  • Dr Wan
  • Mr Fritz
  • Mrs Bell

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