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  • Question 1 of 100

    Who had a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?"

  • Question 2 of 100

    In what forest do Winnie-the-Pooh and friends live?

  • Question 3 of 100

    In Goodnight Moon, what color is the "great ____ room?"

  • Question 4 of 100

    What lay on a leaf in the light of the moon?

  • Question 5 of 100

    What color was Peter Rabbit's beloved jacket?

  • Question 6 of 100

    Who was not a sister to Peter Rabbit?

  • Question 7 of 100

    What is Babar?

  • Question 8 of 100

    Whose pet is Clifford the Big Red Dog?

  • Question 9 of 100

    What animals steal the peddler's caps while he rests?

  • Question 10 of 100

    To avoid a string of never ending requests, never give a mouse what?

  • Question 11 of 100

    A, B, and C were meeting at the top of what type of tree?

  • Question 12 of 100

    What monkey's curiosity gets him into all kinds of mischief?

  • Question 13 of 100

    What animal searches high and low asking, "Are you my mother?"

  • Question 14 of 100

    According to Mo Willem's bus driver, who should not drive the bus?

  • Question 15 of 100

    My Father's ________ begins with Elmer Elevator helping a stray cat.

  • Question 16 of 100

    Which is not an instruction followed literally by Amelia Bedelia?

  • Question 17 of 100

    On a cold, wet day, who shows up to have "lots of good fun that is funny?"

  • Question 18 of 100

    What precocious young girl lives at The Plaza in New York City?

  • Question 19 of 100

    Which little bear goes searching for his missing button in the department store?

  • Question 20 of 100

    In a moment of panic, what does Sylvester use his magic pebble to become?

  • Question 21 of 100

    In which classic tale do a very old but very lonely man and woman seek out a new pet?

  • Question 22 of 100

    The smell of supper lulls whom back from the land of the Wild Things?

  • Question 23 of 100

    Which energetic little pig wears everyone out with her busy days?

  • Question 24 of 100

    What meal does Sam I Am suggest be eaten in all sorts of places with all kinds of company?

  • Question 25 of 100

    What is the name of the town in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

  • Question 26 of 100

    What does the Gruffalo have at the end of his nose?

  • Question 27 of 100

    What cargo does the Little Blue Engine help deliver?

  • Question 28 of 100

    What color was the little engine that ran out of coal in the Little Engine that Could?

  • Question 29 of 100

    What does Madeline have removed?

  • Question 30 of 100

    What does Camilla Cream refuse to eat that gives her a bad case of the stripes?

  • Question 31 of 100

    What game brings wild jungle animals to your home until you finish and call out the game's name?

  • Question 32 of 100

    Which is not something Joseph made from his overcoat?

  • Question 33 of 100

    Three monks fix what type of soup to bring reclusive villagers together again?

  • Question 34 of 100

    Who is not a main character in the classic tale The Wind in the Willows?

  • Question 35 of 100

    Where is Spot hiding from his mom, Sally?

  • Question 36 of 100

    After getting in pajamas and brushing their teeth, why do the animals head to the ship's deck?

  • Question 37 of 100

    Who loves her name until the first day of school?

  • Question 38 of 100

    What young bat is separated from her mother and raised by birds?

  • Question 39 of 100

    How much does Big Nutbrown Hare love Little Nutbrown Hare?

  • Question 40 of 100

    "I'll ____ you forever, I'll ____ you for always, as long as I'm living my ____ you'll be."

  • Question 41 of 100

    Who gave Miss Rumphius three pieces of advice?

  • Question 42 of 100

    What was not something Miss Rumphius said she would do?

  • Question 43 of 100

    What do dragons hate even more than they love tacos?

  • Question 44 of 100

    Who gets scared in his red pajamas while waiting for his mama?

  • Question 45 of 100

    The poky little _____ is always falling behind.

  • Question 46 of 100

    What day of the week did the Very Hungry Caterpillar hatch from his egg?

  • Question 47 of 100

    In Goodnight Moon, what is something not bid goodnight?

  • Question 48 of 100

    When the crayons tell Duncan they're quitting, which two crayons are no longer on speaking terms?

  • Question 49 of 100

    What does Little Sal spend the day picking with her mother?

  • Question 50 of 100

    In Make Way for Ducklings, in what city do Mr. and Mrs. Mallard choose to have their ducklings?

  • Question 51 of 100

    Where are Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings supposed to meet Mr. Mallard?

  • Question 52 of 100

    After writing the zoo asking for an animal, which animal does the letter writer choose to keep?

  • Question 53 of 100

    What one thing does Strega Nona tell Big Anthony not to touch?

  • Question 54 of 100

    What causes Ferdinand the bull to act so excitedly in the pasture?

  • Question 55 of 100

    What kind of fish does the Pout-Pout Fish discover he is?

  • Question 56 of 100

    In what story does a zoo animal follow behind the zookeeper unlocking all the animals' cages?

  • Question 57 of 100

    What color is the crayon Harold uses for his imaginative adventures?

  • Question 58 of 100

    What does the Giving Tree not offer the boy she loves?

  • Question 59 of 100

    When his story is finished, who gets carried away by flying books?

  • Question 60 of 100

    What problem did Farmer Brown have with his cows?

  • Question 61 of 100

    Who enjoys a snowy day in his read snowsuit?

  • Question 62 of 100

    What meal does Frances finally want more than bread and jam?

  • Question 63 of 100

    What kind of trees did the Once-ler cut down?

  • Question 64 of 100

    In I Want My Hat Back, who was wearing Bear's hat?

  • Question 65 of 100

    When did Toad say it was okay for Frog to wake him?

  • Question 66 of 100

    Who played in the shade of the trees that were cut down?

  • Question 67 of 100

    What did Bear's hat look like in I Want My Hat Back?

  • Question 68 of 100

    How long had Toad been sleeping?

  • Question 69 of 100

    Who did Frances trade lunches with so she could have bread and jam?

  • Question 70 of 100

    What does Little Sal meet on her day with her mother in the mountain?

  • Question 71 of 100

    What is the dog, Carl, supposed to do when his owner leaves?

  • Question 72 of 100

    What did Harry do when he heard the water running in the bath?

  • Question 73 of 100

    Who was Rocket's teacher?

  • Question 74 of 100

    Why did the little old woman make the Stinky Cheese Man?

  • Question 75 of 100

    Who chased the Stinky Cheese Man?

  • Question 76 of 100

    What is Brave Irene trying to deliver in the middle of a snow storm?

  • Question 77 of 100

    In addition to his home in Japan, what place does the grandfather in Grandfather's Journey love most?

  • Question 78 of 100

    In the children's book Tuesday, what animals start flying around at the end of the book?

  • Question 79 of 100

    What is the name of the little girl who returns to the store to buy Corduroy?

  • Question 80 of 100

    Who comes to help the dump truck when his "big important wheels" get stuck?

  • Question 81 of 100

    According to Alexander T. Wolf, why did he visit the three little pigs?

  • Question 82 of 100

    Alexander T. Wolf claims he didn't blow down the pigs' homes on purpose, he simply what?

  • Question 83 of 100

    Who is Duck's beloved friend in the classic series by Tad Hills?

  • Question 84 of 100

    Before the Velveteen Rabbit, what did the Boy prefer to hold at bedtime?

  • Question 85 of 100

    When does the Boy receive the gift of the Velveteen Rabbit?

  • Question 86 of 100

    When Miss Nelson goes missing, who is the substitute teacher?

  • Question 87 of 100

    What does Bo the armadillo think Harmony Jean's red boots are?

  • Question 88 of 100

    In the children's book Tuesday, what animals first fly around?

  • Question 89 of 100

    What was Buster looking for in the story that introduces Rocket to reading?

  • Question 90 of 100

    Harry is usually a white dog with black spots, but what color was he when his family didn't recognize him?

  • Question 91 of 100

    When a wolf tricks three children that he is their grandmother, their "Po Po," how do the children get out of the house?

  • Question 92 of 100

    As Harold wanders with his crayon looking for his window, who points him the way he should go?

  • Question 93 of 100

    What color was Mike Mulligan's beautiful steam shovel?

  • Question 94 of 100

    In On the Night You Were Born, who danced until dawn?

  • Question 95 of 100

    When the librarian Ms. Merriweather falls and gets hurt, who breaks the library's rules to get help?

  • Question 96 of 100

    How does the Mouse pay back the Lion's act of sparing his life?

  • Question 97 of 100

    Who is the beloved zoo worker who has special visitors the day he's sick in bed?

  • Question 98 of 100

    What happens to Tikki Tikki Tembo-no Sa Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-pip Peri Pembo?

  • Question 99 of 100

    What becomes of Mike Mulligan's steam shovel Mary Anne?

  • Question 100 of 100

    What does the owner of Carl the dog say to him at the end of the story?

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