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Where does Don Quixote take place?

  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Japan

Question 2 of 13

Why does Don Quixote steal a barber's basin?

  • He believes it is a mythical helmet
  • He thinks it is his toilet
  • He is mad at the barber and wants to hurt him
  • He accidently packs it in his belongings

Question 3 of 13

How does Don Quixote die?

  • From a fever
  • In a fight with a dragon
  • During a duel
  • He is stabbed by Dulcinea

Question 4 of 13

Who is Don Quixote's lady love?

  • Dulcinea del Toboso
  • The Duchess
  • The Queen
  • His mother

Question 5 of 13

Where does Don Quixote believe he is when staying at an inn?

  • In a castle
  • In a swamp
  • On a boat
  • In a cemetery

Question 6 of 13

Who does Sancho love?

  • His wife, Teresa
  • His wife, Dulcinea
  • The Duchess
  • The Queen

Question 7 of 13

What does Don Quixote believe in?

  • Chivalrous virtues
  • Sly underhanded dealings
  • Overthrowing the government
  • Shoes for all peasants

Question 8 of 13

Who gives Sancho a pretend isle to rule?

  • The Duke
  • Dulcinea
  • Don Quixote
  • Rocinante

Question 9 of 13

What is the name of Don Quixote's horse?

  • Rocinante
  • Dulcinea
  • The Grand Dame
  • Amore

Question 10 of 13

Sancho puts curds in Don Quixote's helmet. When Don Quixote puts his helmet on, what does he believe is happening?

  • His brain is melting
  • That the sky is falling
  • That his head exploded
  • That Sancho played a mean trick on him

Question 11 of 13

Who intercepts Sancho while he is on his way to deliver a letter to Dulcinea?

  • A Priest
  • A dragon
  • The black rider
  • Mambrino

Question 12 of 13

How is Don Quixote to get to the country to fight the giant?

  • Ride on a flying wooden horse
  • Hike over a mountain
  • Sail across the Black Ocean
  • Walk into the pit

Question 13 of 13

What does Countess Trifaldi's name mean?

  • Countess with three skirts
  • Countess of the five pearls
  • Countess of the nine dogs
  • Countess with two blue eyes

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