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Question 1 of 17

Who is Algernon?

  • A mouse
  • A monkey
  • A doctor
  • A teacher

Question 2 of 17

What kind of experiment do they want to run on Charlie?

  • An experiment to make him smarter
  • An experiment to make him taller
  • An experiment to make him more good looking
  • An experiment to make him faster

Question 3 of 17

How old is Charlie?

  • 32
  • 24
  • 36
  • 18

Question 4 of 17

Where does Charlie work?

  • At a bakery
  • At a college
  • At a lab
  • At a bike store

Question 5 of 17

When did Charlie meet Miss Kinnian?

  • In elementary school
  • At the lab
  • At Beekman
  • At Warren House

Question 6 of 17

Who was stealing from the bakery?

  • Gimpy
  • Frank
  • Charlie
  • Norma

Question 7 of 17

Who is Norma?

  • Charlie's sister
  • Charlie's cousin
  • Charlie's mom
  • Charlie's aunt

Question 8 of 17

What is Charlie's main struggle after the experiment?

  • His intellect is developing faster than his emotions
  • He isn't getting any smarter
  • He can't talk to Alice
  • He is smarter than everyone

Question 9 of 17

What was Charlie's mother's name?

  • Rose
  • Petunia
  • Lily
  • Tulip

Question 10 of 17

What do most of Charlie's memories with his mother involve?

  • Her punishing him
  • Her hugging him
  • Her taking him to the doctor
  • Her making him food

Question 11 of 17

What was the mistake Nemur made in his experiment?

  • He hadn't given Algernon or Charlie a long enough waiting period to see if the changes were permanent
  • He didn't do the surgery correctly
  • He didn't give Algernon and Charlie the same type of surgery
  • He measure Algernon's and Charlie's abilities in a different way

Question 12 of 17

Who does Charlie take with him when he leaves the conference in Chicago?

  • Algernon
  • Dr. Nemur
  • Burt
  • Alice

Question 13 of 17

What happens when Charlie visits his father?

  • His father doesn't recognize him
  • His father immediately recognizes him
  • His father yells at him
  • His father invites him to live with him

Question 14 of 17

What happened to Charlie when he drank too much with Fae?

  • He reverted back to the "old" Charlie
  • He passed out
  • He told her about his surgery
  • He told her about Alice

Question 15 of 17

What happens to Algernon in September?

  • He dies
  • He gets sick
  • He loses his memory
  • He surpasses genius level

Question 16 of 17

What does Charlie discover about the experiment in the fall?

  • He will lose his intelligence
  • He will keep his intelligence
  • He will continue to get smarter and smarter
  • The surgery will kill him

Question 17 of 17

What happens at the end of the book?

  • Charlie goes back to his former mental state and moves himself into Warren Home school
  • Charlie goes back to his former mental state and moves in with Alice
  • Charlie keeps his intelligence and marries Alice
  • Charlie keeps his intelligence and becomes a world renound scientist

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