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Question 1 of 17

How did the invisible man become invisible?

  • Others simply do not see him
  • A botched science experiment
  • He is a medical mystery
  • The clothing he wears renders him invisible

Question 2 of 17

What does the invisible man steal?

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Money
  • Drugs

Question 3 of 17

Why does the invisible man say he has gone underground?

  • To write the story of his life
  • To get away from his family
  • To flee the people who ignore him
  • To develop his talents

Question 4 of 17

What was the narrator's reward for speaking to the white men in his youth?

  • A scholarship to a black university
  • A briefcase
  • A thank-you card
  • A humiliating boxing match

Question 5 of 17

Who does the narrator drive around his college campus?

  • Mr. Norton
  • Mr. Horton
  • Mr. Worton
  • Mr. Morton

Question 6 of 17

What does Dr. Bledsoe do to the narrator when he hears of the day the narrator spent with the college trustee?

  • Expels him
  • Praises him
  • Disciplines him
  • Asks him to tell what happened in his own words

Question 7 of 17

What does the narrator discover about the letters of recommendation from Dr. Bledsoe?

  • They say he is dishonest and untrustworthy
  • They say he is an upstanding young man
  • They recommend him for any job available
  • They say he is a thief

Question 8 of 17

What is the trademark color at Liberty Paints?

  • Optic White
  • Creamy White
  • Bright White
  • Plain White

Question 9 of 17

Why does Lucius turn on the narrator?

  • He suspects the narrator is getting involved with the union
  • He suspects the narrator is purposefully ruining the paint
  • He suspects the narrator is sabatoging his work
  • He suspects the narrator is seeing his girlfriend

Question 10 of 17

What do the doctors do with the narrator in the hospital?

  • Run electric shock experiments on him
  • Treat him and let him go
  • Hold him in the hospital until they discover who he is
  • Mix him up with another patient and perform an unecessary surgery on him

Question 11 of 17

Where does Brother Jack offer the narrator a job?

  • The Brotherhood
  • The Hood
  • Harlem
  • The Brothers of Harlem

Question 12 of 17

Who is shot and killed by police?

  • Tod Clifton
  • Brother Jack
  • Brother Westrum
  • Mary

Question 13 of 17

Who teaches the narrators about the organization's strategies in Harlem?

  • Brother Hambro
  • Brother Jack
  • Brother Clifton
  • Brother Westrum

Question 14 of 17

Why is the Brotherhood mad at the narrator?

  • Holding the funeral without their consent
  • Working towards his own desires, rather than the group's
  • Interacting with white women at the rallies
  • Not staying at his assigned posts

Question 15 of 17

What does the narrator discover when he gets to Harlem after the phone call telling him to "come quick"?

  • A riot
  • Mary has been injured
  • Ras set him up to be beat up
  • Brother Jack is planning to hurt him

Question 16 of 17

What happens to the narrator as he tries to run at the end of the book?

  • He falls down a manhole
  • He breaks his leg
  • He is hit by a car
  • He is attacked

Question 17 of 17

The narrator says that, "The end was in the ________."

  • Beginning
  • Manhole
  • City
  • Answer

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