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Question 1 of 12

Malcolm uses what mathematical theory to predict that the island is doomed?

  • Chaos theory
  • Newton's theory
  • Prime theory
  • Chromosome theory

Question 2 of 12

Why does Nedry shut down the park's security system?

  • To steal the dinosaur embryos
  • As retribution for getting fired
  • To change the settings on the velociraptor nest
  • To help Malcom escape the island prison

Question 3 of 12

What alarming discovery does Grant find near the sick Stegosaur?

  • A velociraptor egg
  • A broken lock
  • A gigantic footprint
  • The trees have been uprooted

Question 4 of 12

What is the name of the island where Jurassic Park zoo is located?

  • Isla Nublar
  • Costa Rica
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Rina Isles

Question 5 of 12

Which dinosaurs throw themselves at the electric fence?

  • Velociraptors
  • Pterodactyls
  • Dilophosaurs
  • Majungasauruses

Question 6 of 12

Why are the velociraptors able to escape their containment?

  • The park has been running on auxiliary power with the electric fences turned off
  • A t-rex smashed a hole in the ceiling allowing them to jump out
  • Nedry set them free when he was fired
  • They found a weakness in the electric fence

Question 7 of 12

What happens to Nedry when he gets lost?

  • He gets killed by a venom-spitting dinosaur
  • The adult t-rex eats him
  • He drives his car off of a steep cliff
  • He falls into the velociraptor pit

Question 8 of 12

Who is financing Jurassic Park?

  • John Hammond
  • Dr. Henry Wu
  • Alan Grant
  • Ian Malcolm

Question 9 of 12

What word does the mauled patient in Costa Rica speak before dying?

  • Raptor
  • Dinosaur
  • T-rex
  • Island

Question 10 of 12

What saves Tim from the t-rex?

  • A tranquilizer dart
  • The velociraptors
  • Lightning distracts the t-rex
  • Diving pterodactyls

Question 11 of 12

While waiting to be released, what does Grant get told by a strange man?

  • Unidentified lizards have been seen traveling in packs through the jungle on the mainland
  • Monkeys have been acting strangely in the jungle
  • The birds have left the island overnight
  • A gigantic footprint was discovered in the forest after last night's rainfall

Question 12 of 12

Who shows up to help the survivors off the island?

  • The Costa Rican National Guard
  • John Hammond
  • The United States Airforce
  • The Loch Ness monster

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