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Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
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Question 1 of 15

Why does the Frisby family move from the garden every summer?

  • so their home doesn't get plowed up by the farmer
  • because it gets too hot
  • because they like a change of scenery
  • so they can be closer to Mrs.Frisby's parents

Question 2 of 15

How does Mrs.Frisby help Jeremy?

  • she frees him from a piece of string tied to the fence
  • she distracts Dragon so Jeremy can get away
  • she puts a sleeping powder in Dragon's food so Jeremy can take Dragon's shiny bell
  • she shares her food with him

Question 3 of 15

What type of animal is the Frisby's neighbor?

  • a shrew
  • a mouse
  • a crow
  • a groundhog

Question 4 of 15

How did Mr.Frisby die?

  • something happened when he was putting sleeping powder in Dragon's food
  • he got caught by the plow
  • he stepped on a rusty nail and died of tetanus
  • he got captured by Billy and died of starvation

Question 5 of 15

Who did Jeremy send Mrs.Frisby to for advice?

  • the Owl
  • the Rats
  • Mr. Ages
  • Justin

Question 6 of 15

What does Billy put Mrs.Frisby in?

  • a birdcage
  • a cardboard box
  • an empty aquarium tank
  • a maze

Question 7 of 15

Who does Isabella have a crush on?

  • Justin
  • Brutus
  • Martin
  • Robert

Question 8 of 15

Which of Mrs.Frisby's children is sick?

  • Timothy
  • Martin
  • Cynthia
  • Marcia

Question 9 of 15

Where do the rats live?

  • in a rosebush
  • in the forest
  • in the farmer's attic
  • in the farmer's basement

Question 10 of 15

What was Nicodemus' favorite room at the Boniface Estate?

  • the library
  • the kitchen
  • the bathroom
  • the attic

Question 11 of 15

What happened to Jenner and his friends?

  • they were electrocuted
  • they were caught by the NIMH and taken back to the laboratory
  • they were caught in a flash flood and drowned
  • they were eaten by foxes

Question 12 of 15

What is "The Plan"?

  • to live without stealing
  • to conquer the world
  • to kill Dragon
  • to destroy NIMH

Question 13 of 15

What tool does Mrs.Frisby see the rats making?

  • a plow
  • a screwdriver
  • a hammer
  • a rake

Question 14 of 15

What do the rats put in their home before the exterminators come?

  • trash
  • flowers
  • lights
  • beds

Question 15 of 15

How did the rats become so smart?

  • injections
  • brain surgury
  • special food
  • selective breeding process

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