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Question 1 of 16

Who said "If you are a bucker of the system, a friend of truth, an ally of love, and a believer in magic, then read on."

  • The Narrators
  • Lord Dudley
  • Edward
  • Master Boubou

Question 2 of 16

Who poisoned Edward and took his throne?

  • Mary
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Jane

Question 3 of 16

What are Verities?

  • People who persecuted Eðians
  • The nobles in the French Court
  • A lower working class in England
  • Homes designed by monks

Question 4 of 16

What are Eðians?

  • Humans who can transform into animals
  • Types of cheeses made from yak's milk
  • Humans with the ability to see into the future
  • Stained glass windows in medieval churches

Question 5 of 16

What animal does Edward transform into?

  • A kestrel
  • A raven
  • A lynx
  • A rabbit

Question 6 of 16

When does Jane transform for the first time?

  • When she was imprisoned in the Tower
  • When she was trying to run away from her wedding
  • When she was told Edward died
  • When she was a child

Question 7 of 16

Why did Gran transform into a skunk and spray everyone at the English Court?

  • Her husband cheated on her and she had poor vision as a skunk
  • She was angry with the treatment of the common people
  • The court was attacked by the Spanish and she was protecting herself
  • Wrong answer

Question 8 of 16

To whom did Elizabeth suggest Edward go for help in reclaiming his throne?

  • The King of France
  • The Queen of Belgium
  • The King of Spain
  • The Lady of the Lake

Question 9 of 16

What was one thing Edward wanted to do before he died?

  • To kiss a girl, possibly with tongue
  • To build a bigger palace
  • Eat all the cheese he could stomach
  • Attack Scotland and claim it for England

Question 10 of 16

What did Gifford do with his evenings as a human?

  • Go to poetry readings
  • Engage in dalliances
  • Read books about horses
  • Lead a knitting club

Question 11 of 16

What was Jane's favorite thing to do?

  • Read
  • Cook
  • Needlepoint
  • Dance

Question 12 of 16

Who was Mary's co-conspirator to take the throne?

  • Lord Dudley
  • The King of France
  • Elizabeth
  • Bash the sword master

Question 13 of 16

Who finds Edward after he escapes from the Tower?

  • Gracie
  • Bess
  • Gran
  • Mary

Question 14 of 16

What is the name of Gifford's servant who knows his secret?

  • Billingsly
  • Jeeves
  • Charles
  • Betsy

Question 15 of 16

Who is on the throne of England at the end of the book?

  • Elizabeth
  • Edward
  • Mary
  • Jane

Question 16 of 16

How did Jane break her "curse" and control her change?

  • By recognizing her heart's desire, to be with Gifford
  • By drinking a potion from a witch
  • She read how to from a book
  • She never learned how to

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