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Question 1 of 20

Where does Jordan live?

  • Washington Heights
  • Inwood
  • Riverdale
  • The Bronx

Question 2 of 20

What is the name of Jordan's new school?

  • Riverdale Academy Day School
  • Kingsbridge Academy Day School
  • Rivendell Academy Day School
  • Richmann Academy Day School

Question 3 of 20

Who is Jordan's official guide at the new school?

  • Liam
  • Maury
  • Drew
  • Alex

Question 4 of 20

What does Alexandra wear on her hand?

  • Puppets
  • Gloves
  • Bracelets
  • Rings

Question 5 of 20

What is a subject brought up at school that makes Jordan and some of his friends uncomfortable?

  • Financial aid
  • Family structure
  • Grade inflation
  • College entrance exams

Question 6 of 20

What is the clothing color worn by many students at Jordan's new school?

  • Salmon
  • Maroon
  • Robin Egg Blue
  • Indigo

Question 7 of 20

At the end of the story, what is Jordan's artwork used for?

  • The school yearbook
  • The school newspaper
  • A community billboard
  • The school logo

Question 8 of 20

What is one reason Jordan does not mention when he wishes he were Batman?

  • To travel the world
  • To be super rich
  • To be in control of everything
  • To stand up for the little guys

Question 9 of 20

What sports does Jordan try at his new school?

  • Soccer and baseball
  • Basketball and soccer
  • Lacrosse and field hockey
  • Polo and lacrosse

Question 10 of 20

Which is not a gift Drew receives from his Secret Santa?

  • A book about urban life on the Upper West Side of New York City
  • A chocolate Santa
  • A gift card to Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Basketball-shaped cookies

Question 11 of 20

What sport does Maury play that Jordan mistakes for a type of food?

  • Squash
  • Canasta
  • Crew
  • Eight Ball

Question 12 of 20

As the story begins, what type of school does Jordan want to attend?

  • Art school
  • Acting school
  • Programming school
  • Engineering school

Question 13 of 20

Why was Collin asked to leave the school?

  • For taking a trip to Hawaii
  • For bullying
  • For racist remarks
  • For cheating

Question 14 of 20

What does Liam worry when he invites Jordan over?

  • Jordan will judge him for his family's wealth
  • Jordan will steal his video games
  • Classmates from school will tease him
  • Jordan will ask him questions about his dad

Question 15 of 20

Who does Drew live with?

  • His grandmother
  • Foster parents
  • The school's headmaster
  • His friend's family

Question 16 of 20

What does Liam admire about Jordan's dad?

  • That he is around often
  • That he played sports in college
  • That he buys the latest video games
  • That he serves his community

Question 17 of 20

Who finds Jordan's sketchbook when he forgets it at school?

  • Ms. Rawle
  • Headmaster Hansen
  • Alexandra
  • Mr. Garner

Question 18 of 20

How does Jordan spread word of Alexandra's brave act?

  • He tells the school gossip
  • He makes an announcement over the school intercom
  • He makes an anonymous post on social media
  • He puts up flyers around the school

Question 19 of 20

What is an offensive thing Ms. Rawle does to Drew?

  • Calls him by the wrong name
  • Criticizes his work in front of the class
  • Says he only became football captain because of favoritism
  • Makes him sit apart from the class

Question 20 of 20

Who visits Jordan and shares some metaphorical advice?

  • His grandpa
  • His friends from his old school
  • His mom
  • His old teacher Mr. Norman

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