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  • Question 1 of 10

    Which of these was not mentioned as an adventure the Crisps had?

  • Question 2 of 10

    How old is Oliver?

  • Question 3 of 10

    What type of bird is Mr. Culpeper?

  • Question 4 of 10

    How long does the Chief Island have their title?

  • Question 5 of 10

    How does Iris know how to find the Water Mole?

  • Question 6 of 10

    What did Oliver feed Iris to keep her energy up when she was pushing the dinghy?

  • Question 7 of 10

    Where did the Crisps live?

  • Question 8 of 10

    What did Iris use for a centerpiece in her new home?

  • Question 9 of 10

    What did the Crisps find in the Water Mole?

  • Question 10 of 10

    Which parent puts up a "help" sign, and which puts up a "stay away sign" when trapped in the glass globes?

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