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Question 1 of 10

Why did Astrid run away?

  • Her family was upset at the scandalous video
  • She was mad at Charlie
  • She was scared of Michael
  • She was upset with the heart attack of Grandma

Question 2 of 10

Who becomes Astrid's fiance?

  • Charlie Wu
  • Wong Hun
  • Jin Ling
  • Nick

Question 3 of 10

How does Nick stop the sale of Tyersall Park

  • Claiming it is a historic site
  • Raising funds from outside investors
  • Selling his estate and buying it
  • Pleading with his aunts

Question 4 of 10

Who does Peik Lin marry?

  • Alistair
  • Jack
  • Colin
  • Jin Ling

Question 5 of 10

What did Grandma leave Edison?

  • Cuff links
  • Real estate
  • A fortune
  • Nothing

Question 6 of 10

What is the news that Eleanor shares with Nick about his grandmother at the beginning of the book?

  • She has had a heart attack
  • She has passed away
  • She took him out of her deed
  • She is going to adopt

Question 7 of 10

Why does Kitty become an investor in buying Tyersall Park?

  • To spite Jack
  • She secretly loves Nick
  • She wants to support Grandma
  • She hates Alexandra, Felicity, Victoria and Catherine

Question 8 of 10

How did Grandma aid in the resistance of the Japanese occupation?

  • She used Tyersall Park as a safe haven of those
  • She leased it out and used the funds
  • She hid weapons there
  • She gave it to allies

Question 9 of 10

Why doesn't the head maid believe Edison when he says grandma doesn't want to see Nick?

  • She overheard him
  • She can't believe anyone wouldn't want to see Nick
  • She hates Edison
  • She talked to grandma herself

Question 10 of 10

How much money does Michael ask for when he blackmails Astrid?

  • 5 billion
  • 5 million
  • 10 billion
  • 50 million

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