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What does Holmes take as proof that Watson sees things but does not observe them?

  • Watson cannot recall how many stairs lead to 221B
  • Watson cannot recall the color of Mary's eyes
  • Watson cannot tell him how many dogs live on their street
  • Watson cannot give him the name of an acquaintance

Question 2 of 15

Which of the following is NOT true of Mr. Vincent Spaulding?

  • He is a member of the "Red-Headed League"
  • He is willing to work for half the market wage
  • He loves to develop photography in the dark basement
  • He has pierced ears

Question 3 of 15

Where did Mary Sutherland get her own sum of money?

  • An inheritance from her uncle in New Zealand
  • Her job as a typist
  • A gift from her grandfather in Ireland
  • Her fiance, Hosmer Angel

Question 4 of 15

What is the name of the Scotland Yard officer who loves to give Holmes a hard time?

  • Inspector Lestrade
  • Inspector Jones
  • Inspector Merryweather
  • Inspector Bradstreet

Question 5 of 15

What is the name of the ship that Holmes believes to hold murderers of John Openshaw?

  • Lone Star
  • Sea Serpent
  • Race Horse
  • Stag Hound

Question 6 of 15

What does Mr. St. Claire promise to bring back to his kids?

  • Toy blocks
  • Toy train
  • Bag of candies
  • Bag of hot buns

Question 7 of 15

What was found in the throat of the goose gifted to "Mrs. Henry Baker"?

  • A blue diamond
  • A red sapphire
  • A green emerald
  • A purple amethyst

Question 8 of 15

Why does Holmes not turn in James Ryder after discovering he stole a precious jewel?

  • He believes Ryder is so scared he won't do anything wrong again
  • He doesn't want to ruin Ryder's reputation
  • He believes Ryder did it for good reasons
  • He isn't sure Ryder actually stole the gem

Question 9 of 15

How was Roylott killing his step daughters?

  • With a poisonous snake
  • By sneaking into their room
  • Paying a hit man to do it
  • Giving them a poisonous drink before bed

Question 10 of 15

What did Holmes' client Victor Hatherly lose?

  • His thumb
  • His briefcase
  • His wife
  • His hat

Question 11 of 15

Why does Hatty Doran run away following her marriage to Lord St. Simon?

  • She goes to find her previous husband
  • She isn't the real Hatty Doran
  • She does not love St. Simon
  • She hears St. Simon has a previous wife

Question 12 of 15

Why does Alexander Holder bring home the Beryl Coronet?

  • He's worried about his office security
  • He wants to show his family
  • The nobleman (which it belongs to) asked him to do so
  • It is against office policy to leave items above a certain value at the bank

Question 13 of 15

What is NOT one of the odd requests made by Violet Hunter's employers?

  • Never wear shoes
  • Wear a blue dress
  • Cut her hair short
  • Sit where they place her

Question 14 of 15

Why is Sherlock Holmes peeved when he receives a letter from Violet Hunter?

  • He things she is asking for advice on whether or not she should take a job
  • He does not like the person she wishes him to investigate
  • He doesn't like Watson's involvement in the case
  • He thinks the answer to her case is completely obvious

Question 15 of 15

How does Sherlock Holmes refer to Irene Adler?

  • "The woman"
  • "Her"
  • "Irene"
  • "Adler"

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