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Question 1 of 12

Who does Newland Archer marry?

  • May
  • Ellen
  • Clarisse
  • we aren't told

Question 2 of 12

Whose arrival in the Mignott's opera box creates a stir?

  • Countess Olenska
  • Henry van der Luyden
  • Julius Beaufort
  • May Welland

Question 3 of 12

Who are considered the most powerful and elite couple in New York society?

  • van der Luydens
  • Mingotts
  • Mansons
  • Olenskis

Question 4 of 12

What daily bouquet does Archer send?

  • white lilies to May
  • yellow roses to Ellen
  • purple violets to Ellen
  • daisies to May

Question 5 of 12

Who first consults Archer regarding Countess Olenska's divorce?

  • Mr. Letterblair
  • Ellen
  • May
  • Henry van der Luyden

Question 6 of 12

Who does Countess Olenska leave New York abruptly to avoid?

  • Beaufort
  • Newland Archer
  • Henry van der Luyden
  • May

Question 7 of 12

Who does Ellen claim taught her that personal happiness should never come at a cost to others?

  • Archer
  • May
  • Her grandmother
  • Mrs. Mingott

Question 8 of 12

Where do the Archer's stay on their wedding night?

  • the van der Luyden's cottage
  • a hotel bridal suite
  • the Welland residence
  • Archer's country chateau

Question 9 of 12

What does May win immediately upon their return from their honeymoon?

  • an archery tournament
  • a raffle at The World Fair
  • a muscical competition
  • a beauty contest

Question 10 of 12

Who helped Ellen escape from Count Olenski?

  • the french tutor
  • her grandmother
  • she did it on her own
  • Medora

Question 11 of 12

What news had May shared with Ellen before Archer?

  • that she is pregnant
  • that she is going to accept Archer's proposal
  • that she is dying
  • that she know about their affair

Question 12 of 12

Who visits Countess Olenska at the conclusion of the novel?

  • Archer's son
  • May
  • Archer
  • Mrs. Mingott

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