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The Bear's Garden
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Question 1 of 5

What kind of can does the little girl's seed first start to grow in?

  • tomato
  • corn
  • peach
  • green beans

Question 2 of 5

Who does the little girl leave in charge of the garden when she goes away?

  • her bear
  • her next-door neighbor
  • a dog
  • her mom

Question 3 of 5

Complete the quote: "She thought maybe she could whisper 'I believe in you' from far away, but ______"

  • she didn't have enough string.
  • her mother would never let her have a phone.
  • she was afraid her plant wouldn't hear.
  • the wind whipped her words away before she could say them.

Question 4 of 5

Which of the following is not an activity being enjoyed in the garden on the final page?

  • rummikub
  • checkers
  • jump rope
  • hopscotch

Question 5 of 5

What type of bird does the little girl try to employ?

  • a pigeon
  • a parrot
  • a robin
  • an eagle

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