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Question 1 of 12

What does Rumpelstiltskin do for the miller's daughter?

  • Spins straw into gold
  • Dances a jig
  • Gives her a basket of apples
  • Keep her company while she sews

Question 2 of 12

Who tends the geese with the goose girl?

  • Conrad
  • Peter
  • Jonathon
  • Carter

Question 3 of 12

What is the wounded soldier warned to not do when he is trying to find out where the 12 princesses dance at night?

  • Drink the wine at night
  • Put on the bed slippers
  • Be nice to the oldest daughter
  • Scream

Question 4 of 12

What do the twelve brothers turn into when their sister picks twelve lilies?

  • Ravens
  • Bears
  • Donkeys
  • Storks

Question 5 of 12

What does eating a white snake make one able to do?

  • Understand animal speech
  • Fly
  • Go underground
  • Walk through walls

Question 6 of 12

What did the frog retrieve for the youngest princess from the well?

  • Her favorite toy
  • Her crown
  • Her golden cup
  • Her handkerchief

Question 7 of 12

Who had imprisoned the King's son as a black bear prior to him meeting Snow White and Rose Red?

  • A dwarf
  • A sorcerer
  • Snow White's mother
  • A witch

Question 8 of 12

What does Hansel use to mark the trail the second time?

  • Bread Crumbs
  • Black Obsidian Stones
  • Moon rocks
  • Fingernail clippings

Question 9 of 12

Who cuts off Rapunzel's hair?

  • The witch
  • Her prince
  • She does it herself
  • Her cameleon does

Question 10 of 12

Who gives Cinderella her dress for the dance?

  • The pigeons
  • A Fairy Godmother
  • Her step mother
  • Her father

Question 11 of 12

What do the shoemaker and his wife make for the elves?

  • Clothes
  • Breakfast
  • Dessert
  • Jewelry

Question 12 of 12

Who saves the six swans?

  • Their sister
  • The king
  • A sorcerer
  • A knight

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