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Question 1 of 12

What does the author say motivated the people of Salem to accuse their neighbors?

  • Vengeance
  • Jealousy
  • Hypocrisy
  • Bribery

Question 2 of 12

What were the girls doing in the forest when Reverend Parris saw them?

  • Dancing and Tituba was chanting
  • Hiding
  • Bathing and making a potion
  • Playing a witchcraft game

Question 3 of 12

What does Rebecca Nurse think is wrong with the girls?

  • They're trying to get attention
  • They're practicing witch craft
  • They're hiding another wrongdoing
  • They've been put under a spell

Question 4 of 12

Why is Mrs. Putnam so eager to find a witch in the village?

  • To have someone to blame for the deaths of her children
  • To take the blame off her daughter
  • To bring attention to herself and her good deeds
  • For vengeance against her neighbors

Question 5 of 12

Where is Tituba from?

  • Barbados
  • Cuba
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica

Question 6 of 12

Who are the first to openly suggest witchcraft in the town?

  • The Putnams
  • The Proctors
  • Reverend Parris
  • Abigail

Question 7 of 12

Reverend Hale is from where?

  • Beverly
  • Salem
  • Danvers
  • Ipswich

Question 8 of 12

The Crucible can be seen as a symbol of what?

  • Anti-Communism
  • Fear of authority
  • Distrust of the rising generation
  • The danger of ideology

Question 9 of 12

Why is Elizabeth spared from hanging?

  • Because she is pregnant
  • Because Abigail confessed to the affair with John
  • Because Hales vouches for her
  • Because John offers to be hanged in her place

Question 10 of 12

What does Elizabeth say as John heads for the gallows?

  • He has gotten his goodness back
  • He is a fool
  • She will never love again
  • She will go to hell for this

Question 11 of 12

What happens to Abigail?

  • She steals money and vanishes
  • She is hanged
  • She drowns herself in a river
  • She confesses and saves the people she betrayed

Question 12 of 12

Who is Mary Warren?

  • A servant in the Proctor household
  • Abigail's closest friend
  • Reverend Parris' niece
  • The first villager to be hanged

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