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The Master and Margarita
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Question 1 of 13

In what decade is the story in Moscow told?

  • 1930s
  • 1950s
  • 1890s
  • 1970s

Question 2 of 13

Who is Professor Woland?

  • Satan
  • God
  • An Angel
  • A man

Question 3 of 13

Who is not part of Professor Woland's group?

  • A werewolf
  • A vampire
  • A witch
  • A ghoul

Question 4 of 13

What is happening in Jerusalem in this book?

  • The trial and death of Jesus
  • The befriending of Jesus to the Devil
  • Jesus being born
  • Jesus re-appearing after his death

Question 5 of 13

What does Woland predict at the beginning of the novel?

  • Berlioz's death
  • Berlioz's marriage
  • Berlioz's profession
  • Berlioz's age

Question 6 of 13

What happens to Ivan Ponryev when he tries to catch Woland?

  • He is put in an insane asylum
  • He is put in jail
  • He is believed and Woland is captured
  • He is killed

Question 7 of 13

Why did the Master go insane?

  • His manuscript about Jesus was rejected
  • His lover Margarita perished
  • He, too, was accosted by Woland
  • He was born insane

Question 8 of 13

What does Woland offer Margarita at the Devil's midnight ball?

  • Learn magical powers
  • Free the Master
  • Neverending wealth and glory
  • Redemption in the next life

Question 9 of 13

When does the midnight ball take place?

  • Good Friday
  • Passover
  • Christmas
  • Easter

Question 10 of 13

Why does Margarita get two wishes from the devil?

  • Satan was impressed with her selflessness used in her first wish
  • The devil promised her two wishes all along
  • Satan wanted her to be more evil
  • Satan wants to teach Margarita how to rule Hell

Question 11 of 13

What is Margarita's second wish?

  • To free the Master and live with him
  • To be an equal to Satan and rule Hell with him
  • To be the most powerful witch in history
  • To free all who don't truly belong in Hell

Question 12 of 13

How do the Master and Margarita end up in limbo together?

  • They are poisoned by Pontius Pilate's wine
  • They are thrown there by Satan himself
  • They are killed by Satan's gang of evil creatures
  • They are relegated there by Margarita's magical powers

Question 13 of 13

Who is Pilate walking towards at the end of the book?

  • Jesus
  • Satan
  • The Master
  • Pilate's wife

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