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Question 1 of 11

Finish the sentence: "Quoth the Raven..."

  • Nevermore
  • Death is coming
  • Hello
  • Forever

Question 2 of 11

Who is the maiden the narrator is sorrowing for?

  • Lenore
  • Mary
  • Abigail
  • Prudence

Question 3 of 11

What month does this poem take place?

  • December
  • April
  • November
  • February

Question 4 of 11

What is the Raven a symbol of?

  • Death and Darkness
  • Spring and New Life
  • Patience
  • Nothing, it's a bird

Question 5 of 11

What does the narrator call the Raven?

  • Prophet, thing of evil
  • Hubert
  • Blasted Bird
  • Angel sent from Heaven

Question 6 of 11

Where does the Raven perch?

  • On the bust of Pallas
  • On the windowsill
  • On a tree branch
  • On the bedpost

Question 7 of 11

Where does the narrator tell the Raven to return to?

  • Night's Plutonian shore
  • Hell
  • The forest
  • Its nest

Question 8 of 11

What was the narrator about to do before he heard the tapping at his chamber door?

  • Take a nap
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Watch a movie
  • Take a walk

Question 9 of 11

What does the narrator want to drink to forget his lost maiden?

  • Nepenthe
  • Whiskey
  • Tea
  • Poison

Question 10 of 11

After the Raven arrives, how does the narrator find some temporary distraction from thinking about his maiden?

  • By trying to figure out what the Raven means by saying "nevermore"
  • By deciding what to eat for dinner
  • By contemplating the meaning of his life
  • By trying to shoo the Raven outside

Question 11 of 11

The narrator asks the Raven if he will be reunited with his maiden in:

  • Aidenn
  • Paradise
  • Wales
  • His home

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