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Question 1 of 14

What is Hester Prynne guilty of?

  • adultery
  • murder
  • stealing
  • running away

Question 2 of 14

What is Hester's punishment?

  • wear a letter "A" on her bosom
  • 80 hours of community service and a shaved head
  • 20 years in prison
  • wear a letter "M" on her sleeve

Question 3 of 14

When Hester is on the scaffold who does she see standing in the crowd?

  • her long-lost husband
  • her partner in crime
  • her mother
  • her daughter

Question 4 of 14

What does Roger Chillingworth vow to do?

  • find and punish Pearl's father
  • kill Pearl
  • punish Hester
  • get married

Question 5 of 14

What part of her mother is Pearl fasinated by?

  • her mother's scarlet letter
  • her mother's eyes
  • her mother's hands
  • her mother's needle work

Question 6 of 14

What does Chillingworth suspect is the cause of Dimmesdale's sickness?

  • guilt
  • cancer
  • his heart
  • working too hard

Question 7 of 14

What does Dimmesdale see in the sky while standing on the scaffold?

  • meteor forming a gigantic "A"
  • red moon
  • lunar eclipse
  • Ursa Minor

Question 8 of 14

Pearl refuses to acknowledge Hester and Dimmesdale in the forest until Hester does what?

  • puts the Scarlet Letter back on
  • hugs Pearl
  • hugs Dimmesdale
  • puts a flower wreath on her head

Question 9 of 14

What do Hester and Dimmesdale plan in order to be together?

  • to run away on a boat to Boston
  • to get married and live in Hester's home
  • to travel west and get some land
  • to go to England

Question 10 of 14

Who does the ship captian say will also be going on the boat?

  • Chillingworth
  • Governor Bellingham
  • Pearl
  • an Indian

Question 11 of 14

What does Dimmesdale do after his sermon on Election Day?

  • go on the scaffold and confess
  • have a party
  • run away with Hester
  • have an appointment with a heart doctor

Question 12 of 14

Who does Chillingworth give all his money to before he dies?

  • Pearl
  • Hester
  • the Church
  • the poor

Question 13 of 14

Where do Hester and Pearl go after Dimmesdale and Chillingworth die?

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Mexico
  • the country side

Question 14 of 14

Where is Hester buried?

  • next to Dimmesdale's grave
  • in the forest near the river
  • next to Chillingworth's grave
  • next to her house

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