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Where does the story take place?

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • America
  • France

Question 2 of 8

What did Ferdinand do instead of running, jumping, and butting his head with the other bulls?

  • sat quietly and smelled flowers
  • looked at the sky and imagined pictures in the clouds
  • walked around the pasture by himself
  • sat with his mom

Question 3 of 8

What was his favorite spot in the pasture?

  • the cork tree
  • the apple tree
  • by the fence
  • where the food was

Question 4 of 8

What made Ferdinand act fierce?

  • he sat on a bee
  • another bull charged him
  • a tree branch fell on his head
  • his mom told him he needed to act more like the other bulls

Question 5 of 8

What kind of horses did the Picadores ride?

  • skinny horses
  • short horses
  • dancing horses
  • fierce horses

Question 6 of 8

Who was supposed to stick the bull last?

  • the Matador
  • the Picadores
  • the Banderilleros
  • someone chosen from the crowd

Question 7 of 8

What did they call Ferdinand in Madrid?

  • Ferdinand the Fierce
  • Ferdinand the Scaredy Bull
  • Ferdinand the Flower Lover
  • Ferdinand the Stinger

Question 8 of 8

What did Ferdinand do instead of fight in Madrid?

  • sat down and smelled the flowers in the ladies' hair
  • sat down and took a nap
  • sat down and cried in fear
  • sat down and drew in the dirt

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