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The Taming of the Shrew
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Question 1 of 13

Who does Bianca choose from among her suitors?

  • Lucentio
  • Petruchio
  • Vincentio
  • Hortensio

Question 2 of 13

Who does Hortensio resolve to marry?

  • A wealthy widow
  • A local tavern girl
  • A foreign princess
  • He resolves to stay single

Question 3 of 13

Who agrees to marry Katherine sight unseen?

  • Petruchio
  • Lucentio
  • Vincentio
  • Tranio

Question 4 of 13

What trick does the lord play on Sly?

  • He makes everyone pretend Sly is a lord
  • He makes Sly believe he is a bird keeper
  • He tells Sly that he is a ruler of a small island
  • He treats Sly like a beggar.

Question 5 of 13

In order to be near Bianca what kind of tutor does Lucentio pretend to be?

  • A Latin tutor
  • A Math tutor
  • A Geography tutor
  • A Greek tutor

Question 6 of 13

What must happen before Bianca can be courted?

  • Her sister Katherine must marry
  • Her sister Katherine must join the nunnery
  • Her father must be made prime minister
  • She must turn 22

Question 7 of 13

Who is Lucentio's father?

  • Vincentio
  • Petruchio
  • Hamlet
  • Tranio

Question 8 of 13

While Lucentio is pretending to be a school master, who pretends to be Lucentio?

  • Tranio
  • Vincentio
  • Petruchio
  • Othello

Question 9 of 13

Why is Petruchio willing to marry Katherine at first?

  • Because her father is rich
  • Because her father tells him that he must
  • Because his father makes him
  • Because the law says he must

Question 10 of 13

What happens when Hortensio attempts to teach Katherine to play the lute?

  • She smashes it over his head
  • She plays it without any practice
  • She stabs him
  • She makes him teach her for five hours

Question 11 of 13

What does Petruchio make Katherine say about an old man?

  • That he is a beautiful maiden
  • That he has no teeth
  • That he is a fish
  • That he is an alien

Question 12 of 13

Finish the sentence, "Will you, nill you, I wll _______ you."?

  • marry
  • carry
  • ferry
  • study

Question 13 of 13

How does Petruchio arrive at their wedding?

  • On an old broken down horse
  • In a golden carriage
  • On foot
  • Being carried by six footmen

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