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Question 1 of 10

What color was the house Dean and Dan brought the kids to?

  • white
  • grey
  • black
  • brown

Question 2 of 10

What phrase does John always say?

  • Let's do it and view it!
  • Let's do it and review it!
  • Let's review it and do it!
  • Let's view it and do it!

Question 3 of 10

What is the main tool in the device Abigail and John use to ask for a dog?

  • A fishing rod
  • Three plastic bottles
  • A mirror
  • A hammer

Question 4 of 10

What was the name of the university the Templetons moved to?

  • Tickeridge-Baltock Insititude of Technology
  • Brickeridge-Tirock University
  • Brightontock Institute of Technology
  • Coloneltock-Calentick University

Question 5 of 10

When Abigail and John escaped, where were the keys to the blue car?

  • With Dan
  • In the car
  • On the kitchen counter
  • With Dean

Question 6 of 10

What injury did John fake to trick Dan to taking him (and Abigail) to their father?

  • A hurt ankle
  • A hurt wrist
  • A broken arm
  • A hurt shoulder

Question 7 of 10

What kind of dog did Abigail and John want?

  • Fox Terrier
  • Poodle
  • Pug
  • Labrador

Question 8 of 10

Which is not one of Professor Templeton's inventions?

  • Husk-Removing Corn Press
  • Battery-Operated Toothpick
  • Self-Adjusting Chromatic Shoehorn
  • Self-Tensioning Book Ends

Question 9 of 10

What did Nanny Nan always wear?

  • Gray shirt and black baseball cap
  • Black shirt and gray baseball hat
  • Black shirt and black baseball hat
  • Gray shirt and gray baseball hat

Question 10 of 10

What did Abigail think Dean's map looked like, at first glance?

  • A balloon
  • A lollipop
  • A hat
  • A road

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