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The Turn of the Screw
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Question 1 of 12

What does the letter from Mile's headmaster say?

  • Miles is not allowed to come back to school
  • Miles beat up another student
  • Miles cheated on his exams
  • Miles is an exemplary student

Question 2 of 12

Where is the country house that the young governess works at?

  • Bly
  • Bath
  • Bakewell
  • Burford

Question 3 of 12

Who is the unreliable narrator of the story?

  • The governess
  • Miles
  • Flora
  • Mrs Grouse

Question 4 of 12

Who does the governess take into her confidence among the household staff?

  • Mrs Grouse
  • The butler
  • Mr Quint
  • The groomsmen

Question 5 of 12

Where does the governess first see Quint?

  • In the tower window
  • In her bedroom
  • In the kitchen
  • In the study

Question 6 of 12

Who does the governess think Quint is after?

  • Miles
  • Flora
  • Mrs Grouse
  • Herself

Question 7 of 12

What ghost does the governess see at the lake?

  • Miss Jessel
  • Mr Quint
  • Flora's mother
  • Mile's father

Question 8 of 12

What happens to Miles when he is confronted alone by the governess?

  • He dies
  • He runs away
  • He locks himself in the study
  • He jumps out the kitchen window

Question 9 of 12

Where is Flora found when she is not in her bed at night?

  • Looking out the window
  • In the tower
  • On the ballroom floor
  • At the piano

Question 10 of 12

Why does Miles say he sneaks outside at night?

  • So the governess will know he is bad
  • So that he can meet his girlfriend
  • So that he can go horseback riding
  • So that he can meet Quint

Question 11 of 12

What happens to the governess's letter she writes to her employer?

  • Mile's steals it
  • Mrs Grouse steals it
  • Flora steals it
  • They never find out

Question 12 of 12

What happened to Flora's previous governess?

  • She died suddenly
  • She got married
  • She ran off with the butler
  • She moved to France

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