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Question 1 of 13

Who do Amelia and Rebecca leave to live in Vanity Fair?

  • Miss Pinkerton
  • Miss Pinky
  • Miss Pinkston
  • Miss Pinken

Question 2 of 13

How does Amelia feel towards Vanity Fair?

  • She does not subscribe to the hype surrounding it
  • She lives for nothing else but it
  • She wants to immerse herself in the culture of it
  • She feels ambivalent towards it

Question 3 of 13

How does Rebecca first try to make her way into Vanity Fair?

  • Marrying Amelia's brother, Joseph
  • Marrying George
  • Marrying Rawdon
  • Marrying Sir Pitt

Question 4 of 13

What does Rebecca do at Queen's Crawley?

  • She is a governess
  • She is a cook
  • She is a maid
  • She is a teacher

Question 5 of 13

Who helps George marry Amelia?

  • William
  • Rawdon
  • Joseph
  • Lord Steyne

Question 6 of 13

Where does George die?

  • Waterloo
  • Watershed
  • Watergate
  • Waterboard

Question 7 of 13

Where does most of Rebecca's fortune come from?

  • Admiring gentlemen
  • Her work as a cook
  • Rawdon's inheritence
  • Her work as an activist

Question 8 of 13

What happens to Amelia's son?

  • She gives him to his grandfather
  • He passes away as an infant
  • Amelia cares for him and teaches him all he needs to know
  • He is best friends with Rebecca's son

Question 9 of 13

What does Rawdon think about Rebecca?

  • She cares more about money than him or their son
  • She loves her family unconditionally
  • She only married him for his money
  • She is very bright but doesn't apply herself

Question 10 of 13

What does Rebecca do when she meets Amelia's family on the Continent?

  • Tries to marry Joseph
  • Tries to reconcile Amelia's relationship with her father-in-law
  • Tries to kidnap little Georgy
  • Acts like she never saw them

Question 11 of 13

Who is Amelia in a relationship with at the end of the book?

  • William
  • George
  • Rawdon
  • Joseph

Question 12 of 13

What does Little Rawdon inherit?

  • Queen's Crawley
  • His father's inheritence
  • His mother's diamonds
  • His cousin's inheritence

Question 13 of 13

What suggestion does the author make at the end of the novel?

  • Amelia and Rebecca's children will fare better than they did
  • Amelia and Rebecca's children have learned terrible ways in Vanity Fair
  • Amelia and Rebecca's children do not have the health to live much longer
  • Amelia and Rebecca's children will never recover from their tumultuous childhoods

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